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Download Super Monkey Ball free for iPhone and iPod Touch

Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Want to download Super MonkeyBall free? Well, you've got it! HakLabs has managed to crack it and figured out a way to get Super Monkey Ball on your iPhone or iPod Touch for free. View the below guide to figure out how you can do this.

NOTE: I do not support illegal downloading/installing, please purchase this app, this tutorial is made for those who need to backup or easily add this game to their iPhone or iPod Touch device.

1. You need to have a jailbroken iPod Touch or iPhone firmware 2.0 to accomplish this. Follow my post here if you didn't jailbreak your iPod Touch 2.0 or iPhone 2.0 yet.

2. Click here to download the cracked Super Monkey ball game and extract the file named Monkey to your desktop.

3. SSH into your iPod Touch 2.0 or iPhone 2.0 firmware (using software like WinSCP) and Copy Monkey into /Applications and CHMOD it to 775.

4. Go to /var/mobile/ and create a folder called Documents. CHMOD the folder to 777.

5. Reboot your iPhone and iPod Touch, and the game should work!

Again, this tutorial is made for those who have lost their Monkey Ball application or forgot their login and want to download Monkey Ball into their iPhone and iPod Touch quickly. If you follow this tutorial and you haven't legally purchased the Monkey Ball App we are not responsible for this.

Comments (33)

You claim that this post is for folks who have lost their legally purchased SuperMonkeyBall app. Well, if that were true, you would be showing people how to go to the iTunes store and redownload the app for free instead of showing folks how to illegally download a pirated version of the program.

I'm very disappointed in this site. $10 is not a lot of money to ask for a great looking game on the iPhone/iPod Touch, so why are you here showing people how to steal it.

Do us all a favor and go away. iPhone/iPod Touch developers don't need your kind killing their income.

Omg thank you

works great !!


Hello Dave,

I understand what you're saying. This guide will obviously be floating all over the web. As I mentioned in this article, it is Haklabs that came up with it. One of the reasons I posted this is because I wanted to spread the word and get this known to as much people as possible so that they know Apple has a problem. I posted this hoping that it would get reported to Apple, and Apple would fix this problem. Whether people choose to take advantage of this or not, it is none of my business nor yours.

I've purchased this App myself! I know how much work goes into developing these hacks so I always pay for every App that I download.

i did not understand the third and fourth steps..please explain

@manish: Do you have your iPod Touch jailbroken? Then you must have SSH in there. You must download a client like WinSCP (, login to your iPod Touch by entering your iPod Touch IP address, and use the username root, and password alpine. Then navigate to the directories that I mentioned in this article and upload the files. Then right-click and set the proper CHMOD permissions.

It just opens at the Title screen and crashes right away. I set the permissions, what am I doing wrong?

I've got the same problem - when I launch the game - it crashes after the title screen

Same problem here. Guess there is something wrong in the instructions here.

Ok, no big deal. You not only have to chmod 775 the Monkey\, but also you have to chmod 775 Monkey\\Monkey\ Ball

That will make it work.

BTW, on you'll they keep adding games... ;-)

Ok, no big deal. You not only have to chmod 775 the Monkey\, but also you have to chmod 775 Monkey\\Monkey\ Ball

That will make it work.

BTW, on they keep adding games... ;-)

Hey =)

If anyone is still stuck on how to download super monkey ball free you guys can go see it on youtube =) Hope it helps!!

What do you mean Gilles ?

It keeps on crashing

thank u very much

i dont find monkeyball in bollywoodtadka.
where can i get it

nvm i got it ^.^

Whenever i try to extract the monkey it says estimated time remaining is 22000 days! What am i doing wrong?

Who the hell does that guy think he Is! Comming around here telling people how to do things? why the hell is he looking up cracked monkey ball in the first place!
Thanks i was having trouble getting mine back from itunes!

hi my name is leo
do u need to have wi-Fi to login?
cause i don't have one! and i can't find my ipone's ip address

whem you open WINSCP..and enter in the username and password it says that it doesn't exsist...I don't get it

It keeps crashing. Anything im doing wrong? Followed all on screen instructions

wat is the equivalent of winscp for mac

Shame on the person that posted this. Your a fucknut so go kill yourself.

jake your a dumbass. hes one of the head admins of apple... fucking retard.

hey guyz dis video iz horrible!!!
sorry not video but those boy!!
he is always saying- sorry it works only on jailbroken... sorry i forgot that... sorry and you must before do that etc.

any monkey ball hack for 2.2 yet ?

Looks like the first dude who posted works for the Super Monkey Ball Team! =)

Can I put Monkey Ball with the same way on the IPod Touch 2.2? Will it work?


I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I've added it and chmodded it, but I can't find it on my apps.
Any help?



I can't seem to download it

you son of a bitch

If You Read The Instruction It Says, If You Lost The Application And If You Forgot Your Login. If You Haven't Purchased It Then That May Be The Reason For The Crashing.