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iPhone GPS coming soon!


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Monday, April 07, 2008

PmGr, an iPhone user, has posted a video of the iPhone GPS Add-on. This App is made by Simba and is in it's beta testing stage at the moment. View the video below to see the features of this hack.

Features of this software include:

Compass screen:

* Your location: latitude and longitude
* Dashboard: heading, speed, distance to target, bearing

Satellite screen:

* Locked satellites used in GPS location (green)
* Other satellites in view but not used in GPS location (grey)

Maps button:

* You can upload your own maps to the Google Maps app in case you are not on a network.
* For more information on this, you can visit this thread.

Points button:

* This sets your travel destination point. It uses your Maps app bookmarks.
* While driving, the distance to this target is displayed on the compass screen.
* The yellow arrow on the compass indicates the direction you should take to get to this target.

View on map button:

* This will launch the Google Map app and drop a pin "I am here" at your current location.
* If you are not on a network, you will need to have uploaded a map of your local area to your phone (see above).