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First Copy & Paste App coming soon to the iPod Touch and iPhone


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Phil Larson of Proximity has developed a killer app for the iPhone and iPod Touch that has copy and paste functionality. It's called MagicPad! It's actually a rich text editor that allows you to format the font of the text, color, and copy & paste and e-mail your notes. Unfortunately the copy & paste feature only works in the MagicPad application itself instead of adding the copy/paste functionality to the rest of the iPhone/iPod Touch. Apple really needs to look at hat Phil created and learn how to implement this in their firmware! I hope they will have copy/paste in firmware You can view a demo of the MagicPad app below. It will be available in the AppStore soon.

First Look - MagicPad from Apple iPhone Apps on Vimeo.

via Phil Larson: MagicPad First Look

WinPWN is out!


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Friday, July 25, 2008

WinPwn has finally released WinPWN! For those who don't know what this is, WinPWn is a GUI based software that allows you to easily jailbreak your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPhone 3G. This new version fixes the bugs in the previous version and doesn't give you any ipsw.exe errors and is compatible with Windows Vista too.

You can download it at the below link:
Win PWN download

WinPwn 2.0 download


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, July 23, 2008

WinPwn 2.0 for the iPhone and iPod Touch has been released! This will allow you to jailbreak iPhone 2.0, jailbreak iPhone 3G 2.0, or jailbreak iPod Touch 2.0. First you need to download this file before following the below tutorial.

Here is how it works:
1. Create a custom PSIW using the IPSW Builder
2. Click "iPwner" and browse for the custom IPSW file that you created. This will PWN iTunes and allow you to flash your custom IPSW files through DFU mode.
3. After you have PWNED iTunes, you need to put your iPhone, 3G iPhone, or iPod Touch in DFU mode.
4. When you're in DFU mode iTunes will pop-up, then you can hold shift + click to restore and select your custom IPSW file.

That's it! IF you don't know how to get into DFU mode, please see the below video.

How to put your iPhone in DFU mode

Download Super Monkey Ball free for iPhone and iPod Touch


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Want to download Super MonkeyBall free? Well, you've got it! HakLabs has managed to crack it and figured out a way to get Super Monkey Ball on your iPhone or iPod Touch for free. View the below guide to figure out how you can do this.

NOTE: I do not support illegal downloading/installing, please purchase this app, this tutorial is made for those who need to backup or easily add this game to their iPhone or iPod Touch device.

1. You need to have a jailbroken iPod Touch or iPhone firmware 2.0 to accomplish this. Follow my post here if you didn't jailbreak your iPod Touch 2.0 or iPhone 2.0 yet.

2. Click here to download the cracked Super Monkey ball game and extract the file named Monkey to your desktop.

3. SSH into your iPod Touch 2.0 or iPhone 2.0 firmware (using software like WinSCP) and Copy Monkey into /Applications and CHMOD it to 775.

4. Go to /var/mobile/ and create a folder called Documents. CHMOD the folder to 777.

5. Reboot your iPhone and iPod Touch, and the game should work!

Again, this tutorial is made for those who have lost their Monkey Ball application or forgot their login and want to download Monkey Ball into their iPhone and iPod Touch quickly. If you follow this tutorial and you haven't legally purchased the Monkey Ball App we are not responsible for this.

Jailbreak iPod Touch 2.0 [Windows/Linux/Mac]


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The iPhone Dev Team released PWNAGE 2.0, but it only works for the MAC. WinPWN or ZiPhone may be working on a jailbreak that works with Windows, but it doesn't seem like it will be released any time soon.

View the below iPod Touch tutorial to learn how you can jailbreak your iPod Touch 2.0 with either a Windows, Linux, or Mac operating system! This is not an automated method, but it works.

1. Download the XPWN binaries from the below link:

(If you're a Windows user download Windows binaries, if you're a Mac user download Mac binaries, and if you're a Linux user download Linux binaries)

2. If you downloaded the Windows Binaries, extract the content in "XPwn-0.3.0-win32" to the "C:\XPwn\" folder.

You will find a file there named "ipsw.exe" and various other folders named "bundles", "FirmwareBundles", and more.

3. Find the firmware 2.0 file (iPod1,1_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw)
downloaded by iTunes. It is located in "[User App Data]\Apple
Computers\iTunes\iPod Software Update". Copy it to the XPwn folder located in "C:\XPwn".

4. Launch Command Prompt (Start -> Run ->CMD)

5. In Command Prompty type "cd C:\XPwn" to go to the XPwn folder

6. Type the below code in Command Prompt and press enter.

Code: ipsw iPod1,1_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw iPod_2.0_Custom.ipsw -nobbupdate bundles/Cydia.tar
7. It will take some time for the custom firmware file to be created.

XPwn could crash during this operation on the "start create restore options"
step. You can try restarting computer and trying again, or try it on a different computer. On Vista or XP you may try to set the compatibility mode on the ipsw.exe file to Windows 2000.

8. When the windows prompt come back to "C:\XPwn>" the custome firmware file has been made. The custom firmware file "iPod_2.0_Custom.ipsw" is in the same directory C:\XPwn.


9. Make sure your iPod is disconnected and iTunes is turned off.

10. In Command Prompt type:

Code: itunespwn iPod_2.0_Custom.ipsw
It should finish quickly:

11. Connect iPod and put it in recovery mode. View the below image to see how to do this.

12. Open the iTunes program,and click shift restore, then select the "iPod_2.0_Custom.ipsw" file.

Credit: Thank you DamianII for posting this!

Wordpress for iPhone


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, July 22, 2008

WordPress for iPhone or iPod Touch is now available in the App Store! You can download it for free and start your blogging. View the below link for downloading.

Download WordPress App

iRing for the iPhone and the iPod Touch


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Sunday, July 20, 2008

"With a stylish design and wireless Bluetooth connectivity with your iPod and iPhone, the iRing allows you to control playback and volume on any of your Apple media devices. iRing features a bright OLED status display with a touch-sensitive function strip, and a rechargeable battery life of up to 12 hours."

Download PWNAGE 2.0


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Sunday, July 20, 2008

Today the Dev-Team released PWNAGE 2.0 for the iPhone or iPod Touch. This will allow you to jailbreak your iPod Touch 2.0, iPhone, iPhone 3G, and modify the firmware.

If you get Error 1600 on iTunes or see the below message:
prepare x12220000_4_Recovery.ipsw), try: mkdir ~/Library/iTunes/”Device Support”

Remove any files if that directory exits and re-run the Pwnage software.

Now for the download link, look below!

Download PWNAGE 2.0 (Thank you BigBoss!)

PWNAGE 2.0 Download (Thank you FeedBeef!)

Are you addicted to the iPod Touch or iPhone App Store?


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Saturday, July 19, 2008

Twinkle 1.0 released for the iPhone and iPod Touch!


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Friday, July 18, 2008

Tapulous just released the killer iPhone/iPod Touch twitter client! You can get it for free via the App Store. Don't waste your money on the Twiterrific premium app, this one has all the features and it's free!

iPod Touch 1.1.5 released!


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Apple has released a free update for the iPod Touch. iPod Touch firmware 1.1.5 is a free update, but it doesn't feature the apps store or the January upgrade that's featured in the iPod Touch 2.0 software. Yes, you can jailbreak iPod Touch 1.1.5, all you need to do is download ZiPhone.

You can download iPod Touch firmware 1.1.5 update at the below link:
Download iPod Touch firmware 1.1.5 (165 MB)

Firmware 1.1.5 upgrade is totally free! Features of the new update include:
- Quicker speeds and improved stability
- Security updates
- Compatible with iTunes 7.7

If you're using a jailbroken 1.1.4 iPod Touch, the firmware 1.1.5 software will not work with the $20 apps. You will need to download the FWChanger software from Installer and make your iPod Touch act as it's using firmware to use the $20 apps.

Will it Blend?


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Saturday, July 12, 2008

Watch Tom of blend his new iPhone 3G with the Blendtec Total Blender. Do you think it will blend? Watch this video clip to find out!


Download iPod Touch 2.0 software [FULL, FINAL!]


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Saturday, July 12, 2008

While I was searching on the web I found a leaked version of the iPod Touch 2.0 firmware iPod1,1_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw that Apple is selling for $9.95. This is the exact firmware that Apple is selling to iPod Touch users. You can download it at the below link.

Download iPod Touch 2.0 (File size is 222 MB)

Credit: Thank you to Matthew B for uploading this!

Is the link above not working? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Try one of the below mirrors.


Download this file to your hard drive, launch iTunes, and shift-click restore and select this file. This will restore your iPod Touch to firmware 2.0. All your jailbroken applications and data will be lost, so you may want to save it onto your computer first before doing this.

iPod Touch 2.0 Software


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Thursday, July 10, 2008

Today Apple has confirmed that the iPod Touch 2.0 Software will include the software that was included in the January firmware update (That means Maps, Stocks, Mail, Weather, and Notes Apps) along with the App Store for a $9.95 fee. iPod Touch users have tried downloading the free iPhone 2.0 software but have had no success in running it. It seems like iPod Touch users will have to go ahead and purchase in order to upgrade. Perhaps the Dev Team will come to the rescue with a iPod Touch 2.0 software jailbreak! We will just have to wait and see.

Click below to view the iPod Touch App Store:
iPod Touch App Store

Download iPhone 2.0 Software


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Thursday, July 10, 2008

Can't wait for the iPhone 2.0 firmware release? Well, you're in for a treat! People have been digging through Apple's XML files and have found the download link for the new iPhone 2.0 firmware. There have already been a lot of iPhone users that have tested this firmware and successfully run and download Apps from the Apps store.

Click the link below to download:
Download iPhone 2.0 software

iPhone 2.0 and iPod Touch 2.0 Software Update Details


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tomorrow on July 11, 2008, Apple will release the iPhone 2.0 Software update for iPhone users. This upgrade will also be available to the iPod Touch users, but they will have to pay a fee to access it. Below are some features of the new iPhone 2.0 software. The main feature is the applications store.

1. New Applications
There are a lot of new iPhone applications that can be purchased or even downloaded for free from the App Store. Free application include AOL's instant messaging program, Tap Tap Revenge, TypePad, eBay, and a lot more.

2. Enterprise Applications
The iPhone 2.0 software has support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, and Cisco IPSec VPN and WPA2 Enterprise support. So it's great for businesses and it also allows you to deliver push email, calendar, and contacts.

3. Support for MobileMe
The new iPhone 2.0 software has support for MobileMe which allows you to push your information to any device. Changes from one device are distributed to your other devices. For example, if you update calender on your computer it also gets updated on your iPhone and your laptop.

4. iWork and Microsoft PowerPoint support
The iPhone now supports viewing Microsoft PowerPoint and iWork files in your e-mails.

5. Scientific Calculator
Instead of having a standard 4-function calculator, the iPhone 2.0 has a scientific calculator for solving complex math problems.

6. More Language Support

7. Contacts Search
Basically you can search through your contacts in your address book.

Twinkle 1.0 for iPhone or iPod Touch download


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Friday, July 04, 2008

On July 11th, Tapulous will release Twinkle 1.0 a twitter application for the iPod Touch or iPhone for download in the iTunes store. You can download it for free once it's out on that day. I found a preview of it on their website, and you can check it out in the following link:

[Download Twinkle 1.0]

I like the look of the new GUI, keep up the great work Tapulous!

Googletalk for iPhone or iPod Touch


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Friday, July 04, 2008

I've been waiting for Google to make their IM platform compatible with the iPod Touch. Today Google finally released a mobile version of Google Talk for the iPod Touch/iPhone. All you need to do is go to and sign in to access Google Talk and IM your buddies.


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Do you own a tablet PC or a UMPC? Well, then you might want to check out! They always have interesting news on tablet PCs and great articles/reviews. Their forums are really helpful and there's always someone there to help you out with any tablet PC problems you're having. They're also holding a contest and giving out great prizes at