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Use iPod Touch as hard drive w/USB Guide!


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Thursday, November 29, 2007

You can now use your iPod Touch as a hard drive, thanks to the iPhoneBrowser. It's a windows based GUI that allows you to browse through files on the iPod Touch or the iPhone. You can add the application in your USB and use it to edit files in your iPod Touch on your office computer. You will need your iPod Touch USB cable to connect your iPod Touch to the computer.

Current features of this application include:
-Automatic Preview
-Drag and Drop
-Save As
-Backup File
-Replace File
-Delete File

Here's how to install this App in your USB Flashdrive, first download the iPhoneBrowser from the below link: (435 KB) - Click to Download

1. After downloading the ZIP file, extract all the content.
2. Double-click the SetupiPhonebrowser.msi file. You should see the "Welcome to the iPhone Browser Setup Wizard".

3. Click Next.
4. Click "Browse" and select your flash drive for the installation location.

5. Click "Next".
6. Confirm the installation by clicking on "Next" again.

7. Your iPhoneBrowser is now being installed. Congrats!

Now you can use your iPod Touch as a hard drive when you go to your office or workplace. Save your important files, documents, etc!

How to Add iPod Touch Sources - 5 Simple steps [GUIDE]


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Thursday, November 29, 2007

1. In the Installer App, tap Sources button on the bottom right corner.

2. Tap the Edit button on the top right corner.

3. Tap the Add button on the top left corner.

4. Type in your source, and tap the OK button.

5. The source should appear in your Sources list, tap the source and click the Install button.

Congrats, you have now installed a new source on your iPod Touch. You now have a collection of more applications to choose from in the Installer App.

Add more iPod Touch Installer Applications [GUIDE]


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in , | Posted on Thursday, November 29, 2007

With the Installer application installed on your iPod Touch, you can add sources on your iPod Touch. Sources have many applications that you can install on your iPod Touch. Below is a list of a lot of sources that allow you to add many applications to the iPod Touch.

iPodTouchFans Sources:


Other Sources:

AlohaSoft 1.0.2:
AlohaSoft 1.1.1:
AlohaSoft 1.1.2:
Blaze Ultimate: (1,000+ Applications)
CedSoft: (iSnake)
CopyCoders: (Network Apps) NEW
Death to Design:
Demosthenes705's eBooks:
iPhone Apps:
Limited Edition iPhone:
MTL Repository:
PXL Repository:
R4m0n Repository:
Robota International:
Scientific Calcs:
Shai's Apps: (Addons for Customize)


Simplified Chinese:
Hebrew עברית:
iPhone FOR Taiwan:
Norwegian - iFon: Original Secure

Application space limit iPod Touch [Guide]


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Thursday, November 29, 2007

The iPod Touch limits amount of space you can add for applications. Don't worry, the hackers have found out a work around for this. Follow the simple instructions below and you're good to go!

Purpose: This guide will increase the space of your application limit, so that you can add as much applications as your iPod Touch is capable of holding.

1. Login to your iPod Touch using an SSH client. I would suggest you to use WinSCP at The default login is username: root password: alpine. If you haven't yet, I'd recommend changing the default password (people can hack into your iPod Touch and steal history files that have passwords stored in them).

2. Move the applications folder to /private/var folder by typing:


mv /Applications /private/var/Applications

3. Change your directory to / by typing


cd /

4. Create a symbolic link to the new location of the Applications folder:


ln -s /private/var/Applications Applications

5. Type the below code to verify that the symbolic link was successfully created:


ls -la

If this worked, you should have an entry looking like this:
"lrwxr-xr-x 1 root admin 4 Nov 11 00:00 Applications -> /private/var/Applications"

6. Congratulations, you have now increased your application limit.

Now you can add as many applications as you want on your iPod Touch.

Add GBA Emulator and GBA Roms to iPod Touch


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in , | Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007

After performing the below tutorial, you will need to download the gba_bios.bin file for this to work. To do that, go to Google, type in "gba bios bin filefront" and click "I'm feeling lucky". After you do that, log in to WinSCP, navigate to /Applications/ and upload the gba_bios.bin file there. Remember to CHMOD it to 755 also!

1. Tap Installer.App, and go to the "Games" category. Scroll down to "gpSPhone" and Tap!


2. Tap the "Install button to install the gpSPhone application.


3. Exit the Installer App, and allow your iPod Touch to restart.

4. You should now see a new icon for the "gpSPhone" App. Congrats,
you now have a GBA Emulator on your iPhone or iPod Touch. All you need
to do is add Games. So follow the below steps to add games.

5. Open up WinSCP or use iBrickr to navigate to /private/var/root/Media. Create a folder named "ROMs".

6. Double-click the folder you just created, so you should be at /private/var/root/Media/ROMs. Create another folder named GBA.

Now all you need to do is CHMOD the "ROMs" folder and the "GBA" folder to 755.

8. You can upload all your roms to /private/var/root/Media/ROMs, just make sure you CHMOD all your roms to 755.

GBA iPod Touch

Now you can play games on your iPod Touch/iPhone! Enjoy.

Learn how you can Add PDF Files and View on your iPodTouch/iPhone


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007

Right now there is no way you can save PDF files for viewing on your
iPodTouch. The PDF Viewer application in Installer is buggy and does
not work well as the PDF Viewer in Safari. A simple solution to
viewing PDF files is to use Apache. Apache is a free open source web
browser. Below is a Guide which shows how you can view PDF files.

1. Go to Installer.App and install Apache

2. Point your web browser to or http://localhost/(I
recomend typing the IP because sometimes localhost/ won't
work. Especially on the newer iPod Touch firmware) and you will see a
test page which looks like this:

3. Using SSH, login to your iPod Touch.
4. Navigate to /Library/WebServer/Documents/

5. Delete the index.html file. This allows you to type in in the browser and see all the files that are uploaded

6. Upload your PDF files, MP4 files(Movie files),MP3 files (Music files),Websites(HTML documents), and more now!

7. Remember to CHMOD each file to "755". Leave Movie files as "644".

8. That's it. You can navigate to and open whichever file you need and view PDF files on Safari.

Official Gmail Blog: 5 little-known Gmail features you may not yet know about


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Saturday, November 17, 2007

Official Gmail Blog: 5 little-known Gmail features you may not yet know about

Add GBA to iPod Touch


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in , | Posted on Saturday, November 17, 2007

You can now play Gameboy advanced games on the iPod Touch! View an excellent guide on this at the freeiPhone and free iPod Touch blog.

FREE iPod Touch site


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in , , , | Posted on Monday, November 12, 2007

If you're looking for a free iPod Touch guide website, check out

They have quick instructions on how you can jailbreak your iPod Touch. :)

How to Jailbreak iPod Touch 1.1.2 [GUIDE]


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in , , | Posted on Sunday, November 11, 2007

The jailbreak for the iPod Touch has finally been released by the iPhone/iTouch Dev Team, yay! Below is a guide on how you can jailbreak your iPod Touch 1.1.2.

1. In your iPod Touch 1.1.1, open up the Installer App. Go to Tweaks > Oktoprep. Install this software and reboot your iPod Touch.
2. Download the 1.1.2 firmware for iPod Touch.
3. Launch iTunes on your computer, shift-click Check for Update, and choose the 1.1.2 firmware file you downloaded.
4. Wait for your iPod Touch to be upgraded to 1.1.2.
5. Download the iPod Touch 1.1.2 jailbreak from Conceited Software's page at
6. Extract the jailbreak files.
7. Click windows.bat and launch it.
8. Check the ssh option and change the alpine password to the password you want. The rest is automated!

Voila, your iPod Touch 1.1.2 has now been jailbreaked! :)

Check the free iPod Touch jailbreak guide for an easier guide that can also be mailed to your friends.

iPod Touch / iPhone firmware 1.1.2 Jailbreaked!


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in , , , | Posted on Saturday, November 10, 2007

Before the official release of the iPod Touch & iPhone firmware, a jailbreak for the Touch has already been released! Erica Sadun over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) has figured out a way to hack the iPod Touch. She has posted an article at this link.

According to Erica Sadun, all Apps are reported to be working in the iPod Touch under the 1.1.2 firmware.

This picture proves that the iPod Touch has been jailbreaked. It could have been photoshopped, but TUAW is a reputable Apple blog. The screenshot proves that the iPod Touch has been jailbreaked due to the fact that the screenshot App was installed in the new firmare and used to upload the screenshot.

Here is how the jailbreak for version 1.1.2 works:

1. Go to Installer, and install the OktoPrep package.
2. Upgrade your iPod Touch to version 1.1.2 through iTunes.
3. Use the GUI application developed by TUAW. (NOT RELEASED YET!)

I will update the blog once the GUI application for unlocking the iPhone/iPod Touch has been released. Right now you have to just wait. You can do steps 1 & 2, but once you upgrade to the new firmware, you won't be able to access your applications/springboard that you installed on 1.1.1. It is still THERE, but you have to wait for the GUI Appplication to be released. Once it's released then you can finish the jailbreaking process. Good luck!

iPod Touch 1.1.2 Firmware released!


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The 1.1.2 iPod Touch firmware has been released. It's being installed on my iPod Touch and tested for functionality right now.

NOTE: YOU CAN DOWNGRADE TO THE OLDER version of the iPHONE/iPod Touch by clicking RESTORE in iTunes!

Ok. The 160 MB upgrade file has been downloaded from the below link:
Download - iPhone upgrade 1.1.2
Download - iPod Touch upgrade 1.1.2
Now the file has been transferred to my iPod Touch.

Waiting on the Touch to restart.

New features so far:
- Battery Charger
- New Keyboard languages
- Old ring tones gone, they need to be replaced with the iToner!
- iPhone is more quicker and responsive!

Here is a screenshot of Endgadget's TIFF check for proof

Ok, it's started now.

Update: I just tested the Jailbreaking website at but it's not loading. They've fixed the TIFF exploit, jailbreaks no longer work!!


Here is a screenshot of Endgadget's TIFF check for proof

How to Add Gmail to the iPhone or iPod Touch!


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Google has just made a guide on how to add GMail to your iPhone. Just follow the simple steps below and learn how.

Adding Gmail to the iPhone/iPod Touch

If you want Gmail on your iphone, you'll first need to change your Gmail settings to IMAP. DO NOT press the Gmail button in the iPhone because this selects POP instead of IMAP. Read the steps below to enable Gmail:

  1. Sign in to Gmail, go to "My Account" and change the forwarding settings to IMAP.
  2. On your iPhone/Touch hit Settings.
  3. Hit Mail.
  4. Hit Add Account.
  5. Hit Other.
  6. The IMAP tab should be highlighted
  7. Enter the Host Name
  8. Input your Gmail address with the
  9. For Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP), put the host name
  10. Hit Save.
That's it. You now have email on your iPod Touch or iPhone!

free ipod touch


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Check out for a guide on how you can earn an ipod touch now.