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Jailbreak iPod touch 3.1.2

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Jailbreak iPod Touch 2.2.1


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Today Apple released iPod Touch 2.2.1. Can you jailbreak iPod Touch 2.2.1 yet? No you cannot because the Dev Team hasn't released software for it.

In order to jailbreak iPod Touch 2.2.1 you will need to download the latest version of QuickPWN or PwnageTool but those have not been released yet. I will make a post here with a guide once the iPod Touch 2.2.1 jailbreak is out. For now you can talk about it in this forum:
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yellowsn0w iPhone 3G unlock download


Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in , , , , | Posted on Thursday, January 01, 2009

This post is for iPhone 3G owners. The yellowsn0w iPhone 3G unlock download will be available in repos soon. A list of sources will be posted here:
yellowsn0w Cydia/Installer repo/sources

yellowsn0w is an iPhone 3G unlock software created by the Dev Team. It is completely free and you can download it from Cydia or Installer. Unlock your iPhone 3G and happy new years!