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Java for iPod Touch?

Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sun Microsystems is developing a Java Virtual Machine for Apple's iPhone and plans to release the JVM some time after June, enabling Java applications to run on the popular mobile device.

The JVM is to be based on the Java Micro Edition (ME) version of Java, said Eric Klein, vice president of Java marketing at Sun, on Friday afternoon. Apple had not shown interest in enabling Java to run on the iPhone, but Sun plans to step in and do the job itself after having pondered Thursday's release of an SDK for the iPhone by Apple.

"Now, the iPhone is open" as a target platform, Klein said. The free JVM would be made available via Apple's AppStore marketplace for third-party applications.

"We're going to make sure that the JVM offers the Java applications as much access to the native functionality of the iPhone as possible," he said.

Besides Java games, developers could bring over enterprise applications such as ERP or CRM to the iPhone, said Klein. Apple's iTouch, which features iPhone capabilities minus telephony, also will be supported by the JVM.

"Once our JVM is on the phone, we anticipate that a large number of Java applications would run on the phone," Klein said.

"We're going to work to make sure that the JVM offers the Java applications as much access to the native functionality of the iPhone as possible," said Klein.

By bringing the JVM to the iPhone, Java capabilities in area such as SSL security could be brought to Apple's platform, said analyst Chris Silva of Forrester Research.

"I think going forward, with the SDK, it takes out of Apple's control which applications are 'right' for the iPhone," Silva said.

Sun came to the conclusion it could make a JVM work on the iPhone after taking 24 hours to look at information on Apple's SDK. Sun saw nothing in the public statements preventing the JVM from being one of the applications enabled on the iPhone, said Klein. Apple released the SDK in conjunction with the beta release if its iPhone 2.0 software; the general release of iPhone 2.0 is scheduled for June.

Future plans could include extending more sophisticated Java Standard Edition (SE) and JavaFX technologies to the iPhone, Klein said.

"It's a new platform for us. We might be able to bring additional technologies onto the iPhone and the iTouch," Klein said.

Developers, Klein said, have built great applications, and until now they have been unable to get them running on the iPhone. Sun previously has expressed its desire that Java be supported on the iPhone.

Source: InfoWorld

Comments (22)

well it work for the touch?

If you read the article it says for Ipod and Itouch. That being said, the hardware is virtually the same for the two, the differences are marginal ...

Awesome...does this mean you could use java with your safari web broweser like online games?

Im pretty sure thats a no, theyre talking about applications not web broswer java..

I'd like it if the Java update ran Runescape.

Me too I love rs. I really want java and adobe

I'm on my iPod right now, but I want to ask if you can play online games like how you would on a normal computer. If you can, how would you use the controls, like the mouse and the keyboard?

I'm the guy about the big paragraph and the controls, any way, I love rs 2 and don't forget about funorb online games.

I wish they would make a Guild Wars application. Becids runescape is dumb. I wish people would stop obbeseing over it.


Don't obbssesssssss with your face, idiotz0r.

Runescape would be cool, but how would you play it? That would really be tricky!!

Would Ordinary mobile games Run on this platform? And will it work on the iPod Touch? This message is From my iPod.

You know, runescape would work better on a app with a key board under the runescape window.

Will this enable my itouch to load/run runescape (java is needed to play)

Rs owns that would be awesome to get it on an iPod

i just got my ipod touch. Where and when can i download this

I'm on
My iPod right now and will it work on meez

I agree with the other guy, I wish I could play rs on here, so they shouldntry to create an app for it.

It would be to hard to make an app. Because every time they update rs they have to bring out a new app every time and ur talking 200mb+ per update and trying to download it from iTunes wow u be there for ever and the safari browser couldn't handle rs it's not built for online games

Are we talking safari in general or the touch specificly cuz my woman's mac runs rs just fine. Ps I'm on my touch.

Maybe they would make a diffrent "version" of rs for the ipod touch. That would solve the update problem and the keyboard and mouse problem. Just a thought. Btw, my guy om rs is named- p wned u.