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Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Want to get a Free iPod Touch? Here is how you can get one.

It is very easy to do this. I will get my own Free iPod Touch from Transcendent Innovations and you can too! This has been proven legit on many websites and you can really get your Free iPod Touch using this website.

Follow the instructions and you will get your Free iPod Touch instantly (just kidding but you will eventually get it)! If you do not want your free iPod Touch then you can sell it or jailbreak it with the latest iPod Touch software.

Read more to see how this works...

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Will this really work or is it fake?

This is real and you will end up getting a free iPod Touch once you are done you can also search on Google for tons of proof.

If you still have ANY questions or doubts and would like a personal response from me, please post a comment below and I'll promptly answer it. Or, if you would rather talk to me LIVE, click the support button image on the right.

Follow the below instructions to get your free iPod Touch...

This website gets overloaded with signups everyday so don't be surprised if it takes some time to load. A lot of people have been taking advantage of this free iPod Touch offer. You should too!

free ipod touch, free apple ipod touch, free freeipodtouch1 Register to get a Free iPod Touch through the following link:

Only for people in USA or Canada: (More than $7 million in prizes shipped! )

Just click on the link, enter your e-mail address choose your type of account (select referral because it's easier) and fill in the other details like your shipping address, etc. Make sure you put in legit information otherwise you will risk not receiving your free iPod Touch from this company. None of your information will be sold to anyone as stated in the privacy policy.

Read these Important Rules... Do NOT do the following

People don't end up getting free merchandise from this company because they end up cheating the system. Do not do the following:

- have people from your house sign up under you
- use fake information in your signup
- make more than one account

To make things short, you just have to sign up and complete an offer and give your referral link to your friends and have them do this also. The website makes money from the offers you and your friends complete this is how it works.

free ipod touch 2, freeipodtouch, ipod touch free free ipod touch 5 Go to the Offers page and complete a trial offer

Once you have signed up you must click the "offers" link on the top and scroll through the different sponsored offers available. Many of them are trial offers or even free you just have to choose one offer and sign up for it.

You should complete an offer RIGHT AWAY to be creditted for it quickly. Remember you only need to complete ONE offer. They aren't that expensive some are $10 and most are trials too. It's not bad considering the iPod Touch is around $299.

freeipodtouch, free ipod touch, ipod touch freeipodtouch, free ipod touch Tell your friends - Have them do the same thing!

Once you have completed your offer (you should do this first), you will see your tracking referral link on your status page when you login, and you will also see people who signed up using your tracking link. You are supposed to give your friends your referral link so they sign up under you and you get creditted for them. Once you get enough friends to sign up and complete an offer you will get your free iPod Touch.

There are many ways to refer people.

How to get referrals...

1. Put your referral link on Myspace/Facebook or any other social networking sites

2. Post your link in discussion boards that allow you to

3. Make a website and put your link on there

4. Offer your friends an incentive like small cash to sign up under you

- The trick to doing this is proving to your friends this works.

Free iPod Touch,free ipod touch 3, free-ipod-touchfree ipod touch, free ipod touch 6 Have fun with your Free iPod Touch!

Once you have completed an offer and referred all your friends, your account will be checked for approval. Once your account is approved you will get your free iPod Touch.


If you have any questions or doubts about this, feel free to leave a comment here.

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wtf?? i thot this site gives ipod touch news ...not how to get free ipod touch?!?!?

does this really work o.O?

Yes this works you have to follow the above steps and you can earn a free iPod Touch this way. :)

This is a load of shit i completed offer 6 months ago nothing happend same thing with three of my freinds, you o an offer and you get scammed.



You have to do what it says on the website for the sponsored offer. Once you get credit for that offer you have to have your friends sign up under you using YOUR referral link and complete an offer themselves too. Cheating the system will get you banned! I got my free iPod Touch this way.

why can't other countries do that. so unfair :P


Super Scam!!!


this is such a scam! you have to buy something in order to get it free!! thats dumb!! and it doesnt work

The reason it's not available in other countries is because we are not as gullable as the Americans.

you Americans have all the fun : (

this one works 100% but its only for uk residents


How many referrals do you need? just one friend or do you need like 100?

i have gotten many prizes from these kind of sites it really works
you need 5 referrals/friends for a ipod touch

shit this site


i would like to have an ipod

I would like an ipod for free but i live in australia. If you have to buy something in order to get something it's N O T F R E E

wow does this really work it sounds good to be true

Tried to go to the link and it wouldn't work.. Whats up with that. If you cant get to the link how do u follow the rules...???

im sick of all the dicks saying it doesnt work tbh

like they have even tried!

BBC has proven it 2 work idiots!

ass holes!!!!!!!!!!!