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Download iPod Touch 2.2

Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in , | Posted on Friday, November 21, 2008

In my last post I posted about the iPod Touch 2.2 update, but I just remembered that some people don't want to pay for it and they want to download the iPod Touch 2.2 .ipsw file. I've posted the free download of iPod Touch 2.2 here. Just click the link below, right-click and save it to your desktop. Then launch iTunes and click shift+restore, choose the 2.2 firmware and let it upgrade your iPod Touch to the latest firmware! Remember, you can't jailbreak it yet! I will make a detailed guide once the jailbreak is available.

Download iPod Touch 2.2 link Edit: Link fixed.

Personally I'm waiting for the jailbreak so I haven't tried it yet. If anyone has tried it feel free to post about your experience with it in the comments. And has anyone managed to jailbreak it? Please let us know. I'm sure we have other people besides the DevTeam that know how to jailbreak.

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ive downloaded the file which turned out to be a zip-file!

i extracted everything, and tried to restore, but i dont seem to find the .ipsw file! HELP

The link is not workink anymore :(

Please fix the link quick, i'm dying of boredom without Cydias apps >.<

question does my ipod hav 2 be jailbroken so i can update it from 1.1.5 to 2.1??really need answers...thx ppl

you have to download it from 1.1.5 to 2.0 then to 2.1

I hav troubles tryin 2 find update 2.0.. help pls...
im new

Link is fixed now.

were is the link?
i see the link that says download ipod touch 2.2 but it sends me to the same page

ppl help i need ipod update 2.0...pls find me a link or smthing... cant update without it

il link non funziona

This is a working link for iPod Touch Version 1 Software 2.2 Restore. Took me ages to find this link as most on the web are dead.,2_2.2_5G77_Restore.ipsw

also check below for all other iPods & iPhones

try this link.....they're always up-to-date
good luck

(i forget to post the link...hehehe)

hope your fucking happy these bullshit updates that i tried to get working
fucked up my ipod and i had to reset it to the factory settings and guess what

i don't own any music that was on that ipod

it's all from my friends computer, whos computer crashed mind you

so now im screwed THANKS ASSHOLES

Lol, who the fuck cares about you^ Its not like you paid for it.

Fck you the link doesn't work you bastard!!

I right clicked and saved the file as...
then shift-clicked "Update" in iTunes.
I quickly get a message saying

"An unknown error occurred (1403)"

Anyone know of a working link/file for the new 2.2 Touch firmware?

I tried this one and i found all the versions i needed for both the 1G and the 2G touch. but halfway through the update i get an unknown error (4) but i don't know if its because i tried going from 1.1.5 straight to 2.2 i read you have to work from 2.0 to jump up to 2.2




If your looking for the 2.2 firmware and/or how to jailbreak with the new firmware check out

hey this link is ok thanx!,but this fucking thing is not working having 1.1.5 in my pod,i tired 2.0,2.1&2.2 but i got the same fucking answer..ERROR!why is that?

why can't i find free ipod 2.2 software download

hey i hav got version do i upgrade plz help

Simply all of you didn't read the instruction.
Jailbreak the firmware must started from the clean firmware.
Please read more from the sugested website
here ->

can someone plz tell me wot do i do after i donwload can i fix it on my ipod??:S

ok bruv the link is not fixed but thank you very much for tryin

If you broke ass dumb fucks cant spend a messily $10 on software you deserve the torture your putting yourselves through.hahahahahahahaha

how fucking easy is it to install this shit into ur ipod? use your brains.

Fix the LINK! Dudes.



Ok, I'm new to this, but I have 1.1.5, so I need to update to 2.0 first right? ..but if I do that, can't I just simply update to 2.2 from iTunes for free?

..also, is it necessary to fully restore before doing this? elaborating on HOW to do this would be nice. :)

(sorry if I sound too demanding, but I've been trying to figure this out for over two weeks now)

yall fucked up yall ipods because that first firmware is for iphone

hey just give mw a damn website 2 download a free itouch 2.2 software !!!!

anyon have a good link fromt he ipod 2.2 firmware?

0h sh1t GaIz wE C4n+ g00gl3 d1s sh1t 0urs3lv3s?

Cheap mutherfuckas, if you guys are having that many problems trying to get your ipod touch updated, then you are dumb enough not to go spend a measly 10.00 to get it updated the right way and diserve all the problems you are going through. Congrats! If the link is not working, find it yourself bitches and stop crying or pay the fucking 10.00 dollars from you crackheads. A bunch of wineing ass bitches if you ask me.

Hey dipshit, I'm pretty sure most people would purchase the update for a measly $10.00 if only the apple servers worked to download it, instead of giving an error. Retard.

Yes, but you must understand that even if you buy the update at the moment you can't download it because of an error with apples servers.

I'm sitting here with 2 2.0 ipods that cannot update to 2.2. Epic failure.

I'm pretty amazed at how terribly Apple is failing to cope with bandwidth usage here. How about not making 240+ MB updates and instead have incremental updates available? This seems to be more obvious that there was very poor planning that went into the firmware development out of the gate. How are they going to deal with this the next time a major release comes out? Is everyone going to have to put up with this all over again?

Also .. why are people having to PAY for updates? I have to believe that each update is not souly a feature release - that there probably are some necessary bug fixes in there as well. If it were only a new feature release, then I could kind of understand that, but when updates contain bug fixes, people should not have to pay for that. How many more failed business models is Apple going to go through before they get it right?

THE LINK IS BROKE AGAIN!!! plzz fix asap

Ah, the link is broken again.~

Damn fools it's never coin to fukin work

broken url,
hope it could be fixed soon

ma wifi is not working does any1 know how to fix it.:(

I don't know what all of you are doing wrong. The first time I hooked up my Touch, iTunes *offered* to update it to 2.2 which I allowed, and it did. *ON* Christmas day, which I would expect to be the busiest day possible for Apple as all the noobs download iTunes, register their devices, download updates.

fix your wifi by updating the firmware.

it's works.

my config : ipod touch 8G / firmware 1.1.5 / iTunes

Download 2.2 firmware from

choose : iphone / ipod touch
choose : ipod touch 1G (2.2/5G77)
then click download
now you have file : iPod1,
then rename it to : iPod1,1_2.2_5G77_Restore.ipsw

connect ipod to usb then run iTunes, click shift + restore browse for file iPod1,1_2.2_5G77_Restore.ipsw
then click open.

Good luck!

if you get an error message when you restore it check your .ipsw file maybe you downloaded the iphone update for your ipod touch or vise versa.

yaaaaaaaaay i got it :]

when i click shift and restore nothing happens. itunes is asking me if i'd like a copy and then resets als my stuff. what to do?

Hope this works last time i tryed this i had less knowledge on it and failed xD

but then i just restored and tryed again

Guess what guys IT WORKED :D


ARE YOU GUYS SERIOUS???? you guys dont have 10$$$$$$???? if you cant get a credit card from your parents the next time you guys go to the mall go to the apple store and buy a 10$ gift card and buy it online... also if you keep restoreing you ipod it will eventually break.. thats what i learned from my old get your azz and shovel your neibours garrage for 10$ or figure it out!!!! fcking ret@rds

its a waste of time dumbass . go back to the 4th grade and learn how to spell neighbor.

i aint even goin to fucking try this shit and get my shit fucked up..i paid to much money for my ipod to b fucking around wit it..ill just pay $10 if i was u guys/girls

WORKED FOR ME! Just rename the .zip to .ipsw as mentioned above! Woo hoo! Stront work!

Ipod 2.2 firmware mirror

link still dosen't work...


how can i jailbreak my ipod touch 2. generation?

pls post some links

thanks a lot^^

LOL - some LOVELY people on here, aren't there !!


how do i sign in?

The bottom method from Anynomous(lol) works but, YOU FORGOT TO FUKEN METNTION THAT IT WOULD DELETE ALL DATA INSIDE IPOD!!!!! IT DELETED ALL MY MUSIC AND VIDEOS AND I DONT HAVE THEM NO WHERE ANYMORE DAMIT!!! WISH YOU WOULD OF MENTIONED THAT FUCK! the good news it works my ipod touch 1g is now 2.2.1, bad news, since you have to do it in "Restore", it gets rid of all the data inside ipod. CAREFULL EVERYONE, BACK UP YOUR SHIT FIRST ALWAYS, I LEARNED THE HARD WAY!!!

my config : ipod touch 8G / firmware 1.1.5 / iTunes

Download 2.2 firmware from

choose : iphone / ipod touch
choose : ipod touch 1G (2.2/5G77)
then click download
now you have file : iPod1,
then rename it to : iPod1,1_2.2_5G77_Restore.ipsw

connect ipod to usb then run iTunes, click shift + restore browse for file iPod1,1_2.2_5G77_Restore.ipsw
then click open.

Thanks a lot

What do you mean by restore browser, as in close itunes then reopen?


All you need to do is download the official software from apple and download it as all files and put .ipsw at the end. I did it and it worked

If anyone still need 2.0

here it is:


thankkkkkkkkkyou :)

yo dis post is da best

i like how peeps :
1) google dis website
2) download dis link
3) f up their i-thingz
4) get f n mad
5) post on dis thread

i espezialy luv #5 haha