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Jailbreak iPod Touch 2.2.1

Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Today Apple released iPod Touch 2.2.1. Can you jailbreak iPod Touch 2.2.1 yet? No you cannot because the Dev Team hasn't released software for it.

In order to jailbreak iPod Touch 2.2.1 you will need to download the latest version of QuickPWN or PwnageTool but those have not been released yet. I will make a post here with a guide once the iPod Touch 2.2.1 jailbreak is out. For now you can talk about it in this forum:
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How long will it to be able to jailbreak 2.2.1?

It just came out yesterday, possibly a couple more days.

ok, thanks

jailbreak 2.2.1 is freakin impossable

how can i possibly downgrade from 2.2.1 to 2.1 i hate this new firmware... :(

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It is possible to jailbreak! IF you search hard enough someone posted a command line way of doing so...very easy

Ill repost link to it if I can find it

Allright :D i hope you find that link soon XD

Heyy Good news for everyone who made the mistake of upgrading to firmware 2.2.1 i found the way to finnaly downgrade it without itunes tellin' you that there's an error :D :D :D

1st: unistall itunes 8.0 or higher and delete allthe folders in: my documents/my music/
and delete whatever is in there that concerns itunes...

2nd: Download itunes 7.7 and only the 7.7 works
Download ipod touch firmware 2.0

3rd : once you got itunes intalled and your 2.0 firmware downloaded put your itouch in recovery mode itunes will as you to restore it then press and hold shift and click restore choose the 2.0 firmware that you downloaded and the job is done let itunes do what it does and your itouch will boot with a 2.0 firmware :D
if you need any more help or you dint understood sum stuff just email me at :
thanks :D

downgrade it back to 2.2 using the .ispw file

once downloaded just go to the summary page hold shift and press restore and locate the 2.2 .ispw file and boom your back at original 2.2

has it came out yet!!!!!!!

can you down grade 2.2.1 to 2.0.2

my ipod is on the firmware 2.2.1 , how can i jailbreak it easily?????

I'd like to jailbreak it from Windows... any links?

has it com out now

enjoy ;)

I have just my first Ipod 3g phone amd updated the firmware to 2.2.1 can anyone please let me know how to Jail break it

how can i jail break a ipod touch 16gb 2nd gen

how can i jailbreak my ipod touch 2.2.1

Try this exact URL:

I hope this helps!!

anything for mac??? all i see is windows quickpwn

How about this one:

Sorry I just saw it after I posted the last comment.

This should work!

how do i jailbreak my ipod touch 2g 16gb ipod touch

sorry its 2.2.1 firmware

I hate this!

where do idownload 2.2.1 firmware for my ipod touch


my ipod touch 2nd gen is on v 2.2.1
i tried to jailbreak it using quickpwn 2.2.1
it doesnt work. i receive an error message saying the firmware 2.2.1 i also downloaded from here is either unsupported or corrupted.

pls help, what should i do?

do i need to downgrade first to 2.2 before i can do jailbreak?

Does anyone know how to update Java on iPod Touch 2nd gen? Or does that require Jailbreaking?

this is ****in imposible how do i do it

Dude says there is no jailbreak for 2.2.1 on the site. We're waiting.

Download QuickFreedom and jail brak your Itouch 2G easily.

how can i donwload app for my ipod without an apple id

itz out. redsn0w has been competed so somebody hurry up and use the command line and figure this out. Put up an official tutorial using command line so we can figure it out also.

download QUICKFREEDOM for those who wants to jailbreak ipod touch 2 generation with 2.2.1 firmware. IT's easy and reliable. I did mine and it works perfectly

I tried Quikfreedom, but the libusb put a virus on my computer, twice.

can you make an ipod 1g 2.2.1 jailbreaked .ispw as a restore so that my ipod will be jailbreaked because home button is not functioning or can you make a software that can jailbreak an ipod without using home button

Unfortunatley Quickpwn is very unsuccessful do not use that one it almost broke my friends iPod, I'll havento remember later, so email me at and I will tell you about the one I'm currently using and send instructions the harder waysbare better to use just to be safe

can you change it back to the way it was before

can you downgrade it back to the way it was?