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Zune HD vs New iPod Touch 3rd generation

Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in , | Posted on Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Zune HD vs New iPod Touch 3rd generation
The Zune HD vs iPod Touch 3rd generation wars will soon begin. Apple has released their 3rd generation iPod Touch, and Microsoft is releasing their Zune HD on September 15. The iPod Touch beats the Zune HD when it comes to being a pocket PC/gaming device, but can it beat Zune HD as a music player? We'll find out next week. Stay tuned!

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Does the Zune HD let you upload shit to it from iTunes? I'm gonna guess not. My dad gave me his ipod classic after my Nano died for no fucking reason, since he got an iPhone. I think the biggest thing keeping my from switching is that everything I have is done through iTunes at this point. I can see it being a tough choice between the touch and the zune. One has double the space for 20 bucks more, and one has all the cool apps.