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Add free PSX4iPhone to iPod Touch or iPhone!

Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in , , | Posted on Friday, December 28, 2007

Important: After following steps for the below tutorial, you must download the scph1001.bin BIOS file. This can be found by searching Google. After you find the scpscph1001.bin file, you must SSH into your iPod Touch/ iPhone and navigate to /Applications/ and upload the scpscph1001.bin file there. Don't forget to CHMOD it to 755!

You can now add a free Playstation emulator to your iPod Touch and iPhone, thanks to ZodTTD. Here's a quick guide on how you can accomplish this:

1. Download PSX4iPhone v0.1.0 ( at the ZodTTD forums, by following this link:

2. SSH into your free iPod Touch/iPhone using a client like WinSCP.

3. Navigate to root/Applications add copy the directory and files to that directory. Make sure you CHMOD all the files to 755.

4. You now have the Playstation App on your iPod Touch or iPhone. Now you need to add the roms to get it working.

5. To add roms, SSH into your iPod Touch or iPhone. Navigate to var/root/Media/ROMs/Psx . Copy and paste your ROMs over there and CHMOD them to 755 to get them to work.

6. You can now launch psx4all in your free iPod or iPhone and play your playstation games.

Comments (6)

when i try to launch it launches for 1 second and ten takes me back to the springboard.


Same sh*t for me:'( When i try to launch psx4all it takes me back to the springboard.

I havve done everything right as the guide say. And changed to 755 and all that crap...

HELP!!! it's many others with the same problem in my class. You guys should fix it!

it wont do fu*in nutin 4 me

CHMOD wtf does that mean!!!

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The Links Dead :/.