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iPhone activation server is temporarily unavailable: iPhone OS 3.0 Problem

Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Today is the day, Apple has finally released the iPhone OS 3.0 software out to us! I was able to successfully download it to my iPod Touch but unfortunately had problems with the iPhone. I kept getting the iPhone activation server is temporarily unavailable error. I know a lot of other people are getting this error too because I saw a lot of tweets about it. I'll be upgrading my AT&T iPhone later, but my iPod Touch is ready. iPhone OS 3.0 is really fast, I love the spotlight search and copy and paste feature. You are going to like this update! The iPhone 3.0 jailbreak will be out from QuickPwn soon, there is no date announced yet. Feel free to check back here later to see once it's up. Remember, I'll be posting a Jailbreak iPod Touch 3.0 guide once it's available. How is your iPhone OS 3.0 experience so far? Leave a post in the comments.

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