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ultra sn0w

Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in , | Posted on Friday, June 19, 2009

The big day is here, it's finally Friday! Today iPhone Dev Team plans to release the ultrasn0w unlock for iPhone 3G 3.0 users. With ultrasn0w unlock software, iPhone 3G users can unlock their iPhone 3G on firmware 3.0. The Dev Team has worked really hard on bringing this to us and they plan on releasing it today, along with the jailbreak for firmware 3.0. QuickPwn will do a unlock iPhone 3G 3.0 guide once ultrasn0w is released. I think I'll be sticking with AT&T for now instead of unlocking my iPhone 3G. Will you use ultrasn0w once it's out? Please post your experience here. It'd be interesting to see how useful it is to people.

Comments (2)

Looking forward to using it as AT&T absolutely is the worst cellular company on the market!! Once they lost the Iphone contract they are done!! Completely done!

today is sunday....? where is the ultrasn0w software.... couldn´t find it yet. i´m still waiting!

big work from devteam! hooray