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Application space limit iPod Touch [Guide]

Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Thursday, November 29, 2007

The iPod Touch limits amount of space you can add for applications. Don't worry, the hackers have found out a work around for this. Follow the simple instructions below and you're good to go!

Purpose: This guide will increase the space of your application limit, so that you can add as much applications as your iPod Touch is capable of holding.

1. Login to your iPod Touch using an SSH client. I would suggest you to use WinSCP at The default login is username: root password: alpine. If you haven't yet, I'd recommend changing the default password (people can hack into your iPod Touch and steal history files that have passwords stored in them).

2. Move the applications folder to /private/var folder by typing:


mv /Applications /private/var/Applications

3. Change your directory to / by typing


cd /

4. Create a symbolic link to the new location of the Applications folder:


ln -s /private/var/Applications Applications

5. Type the below code to verify that the symbolic link was successfully created:


ls -la

If this worked, you should have an entry looking like this:
"lrwxr-xr-x 1 root admin 4 Nov 11 00:00 Applications -> /private/var/Applications"

6. Congratulations, you have now increased your application limit.

Now you can add as many applications as you want on your iPod Touch.

Comments (17)

Does this hack work with the iPhone?

I tried executing everything except that ls -la doesn't seem to work?

Did i do something wrong?

Oops.. my bad.. wrong folder :-)

@bobby, looks like it's working now for you. Congrats!

@peter, this should work with the iPhone too. Try it.

Yup, it does work!! Thanks for the hack :-)

hey sorry guys, i know i might sound like a complete idiot when i say this but i have been having trouble with my ipod touch as well, with the application space, and i was wondering, where do you type in these codes and stuff?, i cannot seem to find that out.

Now that i have 1.1.3 installed, does this still work for 1.1.3?

i guess not.. i get an access denied error :-)

Any new on increasing the app space limit on 1.1.3? :-)

Hello bobby,

I haven't figured out a way how to do that yet. But I did find a post where someone explained how to do it. View this link here:

Let me know if this method works!

Hmmm.. Looks promising.. My internet connections is the pits today so updating/jailbreaking is out of the question for now but I will try it out and let you know. :-)

Again, thank you for link :-)

Hey Jake!!

The procedure on the link you gave works!! Like a charm!! :-)

man i cant wait till i get my ipod touch..dammit..i cant wait to prank one of my co-workers with that control your desktop app..hahahahhahahahahahaha...cough..cough..hahaha.

does this work on the 2.1?

it did not work on itouch 2g

i did every thing posted here, still it did not work

how do you do it on ipod touch 2nd gen?

i tried it and it did nothing to my ipod.
i still have the same limit (9 slides).