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Learn how you can Add PDF Files and View on your iPodTouch/iPhone

Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007

Right now there is no way you can save PDF files for viewing on your
iPodTouch. The PDF Viewer application in Installer is buggy and does
not work well as the PDF Viewer in Safari. A simple solution to
viewing PDF files is to use Apache. Apache is a free open source web
browser. Below is a Guide which shows how you can view PDF files.

1. Go to Installer.App and install Apache

2. Point your web browser to or http://localhost/(I
recomend typing the IP because sometimes localhost/ won't
work. Especially on the newer iPod Touch firmware) and you will see a
test page which looks like this:

3. Using SSH, login to your iPod Touch.
4. Navigate to /Library/WebServer/Documents/

5. Delete the index.html file. This allows you to type in in the browser and see all the files that are uploaded

6. Upload your PDF files, MP4 files(Movie files),MP3 files (Music files),Websites(HTML documents), and more now!

7. Remember to CHMOD each file to "755". Leave Movie files as "644".

8. That's it. You can navigate to and open whichever file you need and view PDF files on Safari.

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Do you have to Jail break to install Apache?

nm, sorry to sound like a whiny n00b, just answered my own question. (ssh)

Please can you upload Apache I can't find it in my installer