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How to DOWNGRADE from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1

Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Monday, January 21, 2008

Were you one of the millions of people out there who upgraded to iPod Touch firmware version 1.1.3? Well, you're in luck. You can still downgrade back to 1.1.1 and jailbreak your iPod Touch or your iPhone again. Follow the simple tutorial below to downgrade your iPod Touch firmware 1.1.3 to firmware 1.1.1. It takes only 5 simple steps!

1. Connect your iPod Touch to iTunes. And wait for the iTunes Application to launch.
2. Once you see your iPod in the iTunes window, press and hold down the power and home button on your iPod Touch.
3. When you see that the iPod Touch icon disappears in the iTunes window, release only the power button.
4. When you see the iPod Touch reconnect and appear in the iTunes window release the home button.
5. Now you can press SHIFT + click RESTORE to restore your iPod Touch to firmware 1.1.1. You can also jailbreak it once it's restored!

Credit: James came up with this trick, thanks James!

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it asks you to chose a file in order to restore. where do i get the 1.1.1. file?

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Download this file using Mozilla:

and select it after hitting SHIFT+Restore

Who is James?

Thanks for the write up anyway.

What do you mean with "shift + restore"?

Thanks for posting the link david!

Hello Robert,

Open iTunes and then press SHIFT on your keyboard and CLICK restore in the iTunes window. Then browse your computer for the firmware that you want to restore the iPod Touch to.

I did exaxtly what you said but after a few minutes downgrading to 1.1.1. software appears an "error" warn in my itunes. Actualy i have tried for several times but it always ends like this.. "unkown error"...

@luiza try it again and make sure you follow all the steps.

Here is another version of this tutorial with more description:

1. Connect your iPod touch and let it show up in iTunes and finish syncing.

2. Hold down POWER and HOME until the iPod disappears from the source list.

3. When the iPod disappears from the source list, you can let go of the POWER button but, KEEP holding the HOME button until the iPod pops back into the list in recovery mode.

4. Then you can go about your normal downgrade routine by holding down the OPTION key while clicking the "Restore" button and choose the 1.1.1 firmware.

how do you "download/install" music from itunes for the ipod touch? i couldn't find anything on the itunes page. thanks in advance!

Hello sherri,

Check the video here:

You can see a demo of how a song can be purchased from the iTunes Wifi Store in the iPod Touch.

how do you change the home screen with 1.1.3 thingy? i downloaded 1.1.3 and icant customize my home screen idk why! HELP!

Hello gossipgirl,

You CANNOT change anything when you upgrade to 1.1.3. As of right now there has not been a jailbreak that has been released. You cannot change anything in your iPod Touch once you upgrade to 1.1.3. Follow my tutorial in this post to downgrade back to 1.1.1 and jailbreak your iPod Touch again.

so you don't actually download music or whatever to your computer and then to the touch? you just directly download thru the touch. why in the hell doesn't the manual say that?


Sorry, I must have misunderstood your post. I thought you meant you needed to download music from the iPod Touch itself, but it looks like you actually want to download music from your computer to the iPod Touch. Here's how to do so:

1. Connect the USB from your iPod Touch to your computer's USB port.

2. Wait for iTunes to detect your iPod Touch and launch.

3. Click File >> Add File to Library.

4. Select the music file you want, and click open. Repeat this and add all the music files you want to add to your iPod Touch.

5. After adding all your music files, click File >> Sync iPod.

6. Your music files should now be added to your iPod Touch. Click the Eject button in the lower right hand corner to remove your iPod Touch now.

and what's all the hub-bub about the DOWNGRADE? what would be the advantages to downgrading. i thought everyone would want to upgrade. does anyone know anything about the website opinions welcome!

thank you "freeappleipodtouch" you made me & my son very HAPPY that someone knows how to download music. does the same apply for games & movies? thank you so much!!!

In answer to your first question, yes you can add movies the same way. I'm not sure about games, as there have been no games released by Apple for the iPod Touch.

To answer your second question, people are downgrading because the latest version of the iPod Touch, firmware 1.1.3 won't allow the iPod Touch to be hacked. Hacked versions are called "jailbreaked" iPod Touches.

With a jailbreaked iPod Touch, you can add lots of new Applications, Games, theme customizers, etc. to your iPod Touch. There is a tutorial on how you can jailbreak your iPod Touch on my blog at This jailbreak tutorial is only if you have the 1.1.1 firmware.

You can check the firmware you have in your iPod Touch by going to Settings >> General >> About. Look for version and it'll say something like "1.1.3". If you have 1.1.3 and you want to jailbreak, you'll have to follow the instructions on this post to downgrade to version 1.1.1 and jailbreak your iPod Touch.

do the movies have to come from itunes or can i use another source that may be free or have a fee for x amount of months?

You can use movies from any source as long as you convert them to the proper format, which is .MP4.

You can even add YouTube Movies to your iPod Touch. Here is how you can do this:

1. All you need to do is go to, enter in the URL to the youtube video.

2. Where it says "Converts to:" select "MP4 for iPod".

3. Click "start", and this website will automatically convert the video for you. Download it once it's converted, and you can add it to your iPod Touch the same way I showed you how to add music in my other post.

if your on a mac use ALT click on the restore button.


& when i tried 2 restore my itouch it 1.1.1 a window appeared that there is an unknown error :(

Helllllllp me pweeeeeeeeees :(

jollie, try the steps again. This may happen the first time around. Read my post carefully and try the tutorial again.

Looks like a great tutorial
But my touch wont accept a downgrade to 1.1.2 or 1.1.1

Anybody know how to downgrade a 1.1.3 to 1.1.1/2

Help please


thank very much
it finally worked
i am sooo happy
i have another question if is it ok

since i bought the ipod
the wallpaper doesn't appear at the background it only appears on the unlock screen :(

even if i use themes the wallpapers never appears :(

does anyone knows what 2 do ?

Jollie what have u done?
I have the same error unknown with my ipod touch.
did u use 1.1.2 or 1.1.1?

This did not work for me. I keep on having an error box!! HELPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Don't get how you download the 1.1.1 file.

I have got the same error box but before that, when I am pushing the power button and home...the ipod icon does dissappear from itunes then I let go of power waiting for the icon to reappear and it says 'The Ipod update server could not be contacted'

I think this is why I get the error message later.

What can I do?

Hello, I would like some desperate help.
I've just got a new 16 GB Touch :) and I'd love to jailbreak it and get the most out of it. And I have some questions, sorry if they're kinda lame.

1) Ok how do I actually do this, I'm currently 1.1.3 and I just want to go down to 1.1.1 and jailbreak it, I see all this crazy stuff and YouTube and I'm not sure what to do.

2) Can I still download music from the iTunes music store once it is broken?

3) Can this brick my iPod?

4) How can I change like the display, or get the 'wiggles' and other applications?

Thank you in advance for your help, it is greatly appriciated.

Jason: Are you on 1.1.3 or 1.1.4? This tutorial is for users on Firmware 1.1.4. Try doing it multiple times, and make sure you read my post and follow all the steps properly. This may work after doing it a couple times.

1. Follow my tutorial on this page! It tells you exactly how to jailbreak your 1.1.3 and downgrade to 1.1.1. When you get to the last step (SHIFT+RESTORE, download the following file for firmware 1.1.1:,1_1.1.1_3A110a_Restore.ipsw

2. Yes you can still download music from iTunes

3. If you follow all my steps you won't brick your iPod. I also have iPod Touch Tutorials at this link.

4. You can only get the Wiggly icons on 1.1.3, to do so, you can follow my tutorial here:
If you downgrade to 1.1.1 this won't work, as this is only supported on 1.1.3!

Thank-you so much!
I have one last question, how do i change the display, like to a wood theme or just a different theme?

Thank-you in advance :)

Hello Thomas,

Try following the tutorial at the following video to add Summerboard to the iPod Touch 1.1.3:

Could someone help me out?
I keep getting an error everytime I try to do the restore.
Here's a screenshot:

ok now if i jail break to i unjail break it? or if my itouch breaks what do i do?

does this still work to downgrade from version 2.2 to version 1.1.1 because I am getting so frusted I fell like throwinmg my iPod Touch 16 GB version 2.2 in to the pacific ocean AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH HELLPPP ME PLEASSSEEEE :(:(:(:(:(

I need help. For 3 days now if been tryin to downgrade from 2.2 to 1.1.1
Can som1 send me a link to download v 1.1.1.

this should help, it has instructions as well and the file 1.1.1 just press it and it should download easily. Its highlighted in blue so it should be visible. Good luck

i followed all the step and every thing is going fine except how long does this take. it has said "waitig for ipod" for about 30 minutes now.