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Download iPod Touch 2.0 software [FULL, FINAL!]

Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Saturday, July 12, 2008

While I was searching on the web I found a leaked version of the iPod Touch 2.0 firmware iPod1,1_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw that Apple is selling for $9.95. This is the exact firmware that Apple is selling to iPod Touch users. You can download it at the below link.

Download iPod Touch 2.0 (File size is 222 MB)

Credit: Thank you to Matthew B for uploading this!

Is the link above not working? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Try one of the below mirrors.


Download this file to your hard drive, launch iTunes, and shift-click restore and select this file. This will restore your iPod Touch to firmware 2.0. All your jailbroken applications and data will be lost, so you may want to save it onto your computer first before doing this.

Comments (145)

I am not sure how to actually install it... I have the newest iTunes, and I have downloaded the file but the part where it says hold shift while clicking doesn't work for me.
What I am not sure about is what do I click? the restore button? since that doesn't work for me... neither does restore from backup.
Please IM me at mamiller or email me "at" gmail "dot" com

Ok now I know what happened... you guys are morons... its not shift it's alt or option depending on which computer you are using... WOW and I though I was doing something wrong.

Anyway.. I thank you very much for the software.. I will say if it worked or not but hopefully it does :D thanks again!

doesnt seem to work for me. during the installation itunes states that the restoration could not be completed.

@steven: You need to update to the latest version of iTunes which is version 7.7. Without using this version it will bring this error up that you mentioned. In iTunes click "Help", then click "Check for Updates", then update to the latest version of iTunes. Post back here and let me know if this works!

oh yea.. THANK YOU GUYS! I finished the install and it all worked

Thanks again to who ever put this up.

how safe is this?

ok so i tried this and it only erased everything in my can someone please explain step by step how to do it correctly?

I did it, I am sure other people have done and for me, it wrked perfectly. I am still making sure the software is bug free.

Here is a perfect step by step instruction to the best of my memory. It should be enough to guide you and others if they don't know how to follow those awful directions. It will be in another post in a few minutes :)

For people who didnt know how to follow those directions above, and I dont blame you, I didn't know either, these will be VERY detailed as you should not have any problems with it.

1. Download the software 2.0 from whichever website you would like. I used the fasted one there:
actually, it wasn't from this site I lied, i just checked. It was from somewhere else. just go to google and type in something along the lines of "iPod Touch 2.0 Firmware 5A347 which is the software I am running.

NOTE: Remember where you downloaded your file, you will need to remember it for later.

2. Now that you have downloaded the software, run iTunes.

3. Plug in your iPod Touch and wait for it to load in the iTunes menu.

4. Click on the iPod Touch and if you are not in the general tab, click on the general tab of the iPod settings IN ITUNES!

5. Hold down the key "option" or "alt" (Both of them are the same key) while clicking the "Restore" button in iTunes.

NOTE: Restoring the iPod Touch WILL erase all of the files and information on it. Please back it up beforehand. If you manually put on songs, it really sucks, but they will all be erased from the iPod and you will need to again, manually readd them at a later time.

6. Find the software file and press "ok."

7. Press "ok" enough times while reading what they say, honestly I dont remember what everything said it was a while ago that I did this and I dont remember EVERYTHING that went on, but you should be able to finish the rest of what it asks for.

8. Let is validate and restore the firmware by itself, you don't need to do anything. This process took almost 10 minutes for me and it didnt really say what it was doing so dont worry about it, it is fine!

9. Once it is done restoring, the iPod will restart and you will have the latest Apple 2.0 firmware!

I probably missed one or two things, and if you cant figure it out, post another reply and hopefully I will update this.

NOTE: Once again, this restoring procedure does delete all info on your ipod. There is no way to reverse this and you can easily put it all back on after the restoration. I have no way of telling you to do this, you are doing this at your own risk. I told you what I did and a guide to follow.

Happy restoring!

Thanks, really! :D It worked prety well with me. But I had to press Shift like the post said. Thanks again. I promise I visit your blog every single day ;).

I tried to update my ipod touch to 2.0 but after I choose the image I got a error message like:
The iPod "Customer's iPod" could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1). Currently I am trying to restore the iPod. Somebody has this problem?? How can I fix this???

Please !! Help me !!

are you running a mac or windows, for mac its not shift

I don't know what the "image" is... could you do the steps and tell us what you did so I could diagnose what went wrong? Thanks!

Hello matthew! Thanks a lot for your help but I got the 1.1.4 firmware working again in my ipod !! Other day i will try to update again.

@fabio no problem!

HELP! everytime i try to restore it , it says "an unknown error has occurred (1403)" i need help i have tryied downloading it again and its the same

HELP! everytime i try to restore it , it says "an unknown error has occurred (1403)" i need help i have tryied downloading it again and its the same

i got the same problem help us pls asap...but the problem my itouch was upgrade to 1.1.5 does it has a problem?my itunes was 7.7
please asap

HELP! everytime i try to restore it , it says "an unknown error has occurred (1403)" i need help i have tryied downloading it again and its the same

i did the same problem please help us asap

Hey matthew , iam new to the ipod touch but can u tell me if i upgrade to 2.0 could i stil upgrade to other firmwares for example iam using 1.14 firmware and if i install ipod touch 2.o can i still install 1.15 upgrade. i also want to know if this is a jailbreak please reply

I am not that confident in jailbreaking iPod Touchs...

The new iPod software allows the person to download applications anyway, so I don't see a point in it. What happens when you restore your iPod is that you delete everything and you start from NOTHING, from there you can add whatever you want. I am not sure if the compoan for jailbreaking came out with a new version yet. You would have to take a look at their website or something. I will check at a later time, maybe tonight, but I cannot guarantee at the moment.

apparently you can update your iPod to firmware 2.0 and also download a jailbreak kversion, but wait until they come out with the correct version that is made for 2.0

Do NOT update your iPod if you want to use the version of jailbreak for 1.1.4 or whatever the ipod version was. (not the 2.0 firmware)

So wait until the iPhone Dev Team releases a version for the iPod 2.0 Software!

Matthew tnks for the info i just want to know is by installing this 2.0 software are you jailbreaking your ipod

Oh, no you aren't. Its apple's software. It is the legit copy that you are getting. I downloaded it and compared with the "real" version, and they are the same.

So to answer your question, no it is not jailbreaking it, that is a different software you put on your iPod Touch.

And by the way, I have no link to this blog or anything with this blog, I am just a web surfer that found this place and have been answering questions!

Hey matthew,

Thanks for taking your time and replying to this blog! I really appreciate what you're doing. I just haven't had time to play around with the iPod Touch lately, but I have been keeping up to date with the news.

@Mani, there is a way to jailbreak the iPod Touch 2.0 software, but it has not been released yet. I believe it will be released sometime next week. I will update this blog with a guide on how to jailbreak once it's released. Be sure to subscribe to this blog to stay updated!

@Jake, its fine, I wasn't too happy with how the post was since I got confused pretty quickly. Furthermore, I didn't like having to test stuff out on my iPod when I wasn't sure if it works, but I am now happy and helping others. ALso, Mani's question was if this software WAS the jailbreak.

To answer that question again, it is not. The jailbreak software is different than this software, this software is Apple's legit iPod Touch Firmware!

hey i have a quest:after downloading the software can i download the apps foor free from the app store or do i have to pay for them???and also if i encouter a difficulty installing 2.0 on my touch can i go to the apple store for help or shud i post my trouble(if i have any)on this blog??i am askin this because we are doing the downloading illegally!!thanking u in advance

if you want to learn how to get free apps email me.

is this safe? i'm afraid this will hurt my iPod touch.

I also get the error 1403 any remedies? I'm on Itouch 1.1.5

@karthik: You can always downgrade back to firmware 1.1.4.

@yi: This is 100% safe. It won't do anything to your iPod Touch. Just follow the instructions and it should work.

@marv0083: Try downgrading to 1.1.4 and then going in to DFU mode, and then shift-click and restore to the iPod Touch 2.0 firmware.

i already have 1.1.4 and i went into DFU mode, but i still get error 1403.
is it because of itunes 7.7?

just a question, once it is installed on the ipod, what extra features or apps does it include if any?
still wondering if i should upgrade

nevermind that last comment
installed the update with no problems
worked fine
thanks for this :)

never mind it worked after I installed 7.7.1.

I'm on FW 1.1.5, on iTunes 7.7, and this will not work. I've downloaded the update but I keep getting errors 1602 and 5. I don't know what I'm doing wrong?

Wow you guys are awesome! AWESOME!!! I had to hold Shift down and did it and it worked. I have Windows XP.

can i get the file, can someone send to me or add me on msn and send, i cant seem to dl...

can't get the fw's from the linx do some more just fucking googleing it

hi every body please help me on this, after downloading the software can i download the apps for free, from the app store or do i have to pay for them?

some of the apps are free, but a lot of the good ones cost quite a lot of money..

ook do I have to pay for games to b on my iPod touch...

hi i had the version 2.0 on my itouch then downgraded to v 1.1.4 but how can i get the version 2.0 back?

when i hold alt and click restore, it just restores basically, it doesnt give me the option to select a file what am i doing wrong? im using windows vista

To the first Anonymous: You can just launch iTunes, press the shift button on your keyboard and click the "Restore" button in iTunes. Then select the 2.0 firmware file and use that to upgrade.

To the second Anonymous: You need to click shift, and then Restore, and that will give you an option to select the iPod Touch 2.0 IPSW firmware file that you downloaded from here.

This sucks i cant do it, does anyone know if u can buy the update using a i-tunes card?

it workd perfectly for me :)thanks for the upload man!! hmm you rekon yu can get games this way to? :D

thank you for sharing, I'm currently downloading the file but will try to see if it works
thank u

ok, i am new with ipod tuch and i really need help!
i have installed i try to do step after step but nothing happens when i click at the file iPod1,1_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw =(
plz i need help... hehe... plz answer fast

Btw i have i pod v. 1.1.5 and itunes 7.7.1

I have an HP dv4000 series and i had to use shift instead of alt!! its currently restoring hopefully it will work fine!

my dick feels like squirrels

didnt fucking work.

This was awesome!!! I had no problems and avoided paying 10 bucks! Thank you!

Do i have to do this when i have firmware 1.1.5 cuz i currently have 1.1.3 and everyt ime i try it screws up some way or the other

Hey guys,
when i launch iTunes & go to the summary tab of my 1.1.4 iPod Touch,should i hold Shift & click "Restore" or "Check for Updates"???

hey guys,
my ipod touch rite now is jailbroken and running 1.1.4, if i upgrade it will it still be jailbroken...
if not do i hav to jailbreak it again, or what??

Ok, Rishi, thats a fair question to answer...

No, it will not be jailbroken, you need to download the jailbreaking software and use this as the Apple software it asks for. This is just the apple software... like Leopard or Vista, those aren't jailbroken until you install it with the jailbreaking software...

I keep getting error 5 when updating the file, and when i do it in dfu mode i get error 1.
I'm installing the 2.0.1 (5A347) version, and i'm using an ipod touch with firmware 1.1.4 and itunes

Found the problem, problem solved.

You need to update to the latest version of iTunes which is version 7.7. Without using this version it will bring this error up that you mentioned. In iTunes click "Help", then click "Check for Updates", then update to the latest version of iTunes. Post back here and let me know if this works!

Hey guys,

I've been having the same problem as Kendell. I was able to dl the file correctly and its all good up to that. Then, I shift-clicked (using windows) on the "Restore" button and chose the file (the box looking one that had 2.1.1 in the name). Then, it went thru the first loading bar, but when it was updating, error 5 came up, and along with it, my whole iPod got erased.

any suggestions? using 1.1.5 and iTunes 7.7.1 and XP SP2. many thanks in advance :)

very nice thing you have going on here btw :D


i recently upgraded to iTunes 8.0 and downgraded to 7.7.1 (was that necessary?) and it seems to be installed correctly. I also updated my FW from 1.1.4 to 1.1.5 before i tried this out.


i recently upgraded to iTunes 8.0 and downgraded to 7.7.1 (was that necessary?) and it seems to be installed correctly. I also updated my FW from 1.1.4 to 1.1.5 before i tried this out.

This site rocks I down loaded the update hit shift and clicked restore. worked great! I have xp and itunes 8.0. it just updated to 2.1

thank you guys

this doesnt work for me can someone PLEASE help me... I use iTunes 8 and Mac OS X Leopard and I can't hold shift while clicking on restore nothing shows up when I do that it doesn't letme choose the Firmware. Goddamn

I am matthew, I just forgot my password to login at the moment... I will post tomorrow with a varification of the post:)

@ Daniel...

Just press option as I said earlier in a really long post...

Attention ALL PEOPLE do not ask stupid questions such as what are the features of upgrading... Who makes the software? Apple, not me. Go to if you want answers to the feature question. Please stop asking those questions. As for how to install just look at my post before.

WINDOWS press shift

MAC USERS press option

Everything else should work

ALSO! If you are having a problem, ask us for help with details about what you did before the error!! I will not respond to questions without detail. Thank you for your understanding

P.S. If you upgrade to 2.0, apple gives you the 2.1 version for free!

wow dude thanks it worked lol and I thought I am doing something wrong. Just had to click ALT instead of shift cause I'm on a Mac.

Ok upgraded successfully to 2.0 now I am upgrading to 2.1

thanks again

i'm trying to upgrade my ipod touch but is says "an unknown error occurred"

what should i do? i followed the steps but still it wont work.. help..

I have firmware 1.1.5 I downloaded 2.0 from the link I am using windows and I held shift and clicked on restore I selected the file it extracted all my music then it gave me a error please help!

I have a question if you have 1.1.2 (jailbreak) and you install 2.0 you need to jailbreak Again??
Does this really work?
Yea you do, anonymous on Sep 21, 2008

does ur ipod touch need tobe jailbreaked for this?im new to the whole ipod touch haching scene

Because there are so many anonymous just call me derek. To avoid confusion.

Look Matthew I have ipod version 8.0 and my itouch is in version 1.5

I downloaded the version 2.1 and followed all the steps, they all seem to work just fine. However it suddenly says "error 5" or "error 6" and I have to restore my ipod once again. I have tried this three times already. Am I doing something wrong? Just to be more clear here, this is EXACTLY what I do.

I downloaded the version 2.1 from a site
I restored my itouch to all the original settings, no music, no nothing.
I connect my itouch to my computer and hold shift (i am in a PC) and click on restore. I click on the version 2.1 that is saved in my desktop.
It starts working and suddenly error5 occurs. My ipod freezes, I disconnect it, connect it again, I have to resotre once again the ipod and download the itouch version 1.5

What am i doing wrong?

remember I have itunes version 8.0 and itouch version 1.5, maybe this is the problem? Should I downgrade to 7.7.1?

wow derek thank you... That is what a post should look like... Unfortunately, I can't answer it now, I am on a train and do not have enough time. I just wanted to acknowledge your post.

derek again

Look I tries to do it on an apple and on a PC and it wont work on either of them.

Just to point that out, so i am guessing somethings wrong with the ipod itself?

Ok, so... i finally can type out what is wrong, or at least what I think is wrong.

What I think is wrong is teh following...

Try downloading the Pwnage program and creating a jailbroken version of the 2.0 software, or the 2.1 version of the software.

If you dont want to jailbreak your ipod, try downloading another version of the 2.0 or 2.1 software. If that does not work, I am not sure what to do, since it is not the itune's fault, and it is not the ipods fault.

Usually in my case, those errors are about the software itself (the 2.1 and 2.o software versions)

If that doesnt work, I am not sure what to tell you, but try a different version of them :)

Hope that works... oh and post again if it either does work, or it doesnt. I will try to help you more if it doesnt.

I believe the issue may be due to people using FW version 2.1 instead of 2.0 for the update. You should dl 2.0 and try installing that, once you have this installed, you can use iTunes to download the 2.1 update as you will be eligible for it seeing as you "paid" for the 2.0 update already.

I keep getting ERROR 1405

i have the same issue as below.

Error 5
I have ipod version 8.0 and my itouch is in version 1.5

I downloaded the version 2.1 and followed all the steps, they all seem to work just fine. However it suddenly says "error 5" and I have to restore my ipod once again. I have tried this three times already. Am I doing something wrong? Just to be more clear here, this is EXACTLY what I do.

I downloaded the version 2.1 from a site
I restored my itouch to all the original settings, no music, no nothing.
I connect my itouch to my computer and hold shift (i am in a PC) and click on restore. I click on the version 2.1 that is saved in my desktop.
It starts working and suddenly error5 occurs. My ipod freezes, I disconnect it, connect it again, I have to resotre once again the ipod and download the itouch version 1.5

What am i doing wrong?

to the last anonymous...

If you want to jailbreak your ipod, then I would advice you to download a different 2.1 software and use the pwnage tool or whatever you would like to use.

If you are NOT jailbreaking your ipod, then download the file from here, if it still exists. otherwise download the file from another source, but try a different 2.0 file.

ppl i need the 2.0 update so i can update to 2.1, pls find me a way to get it...thx

I get error 1403 when I try to open the file. I have version 1.1.5 and using the newest itunes 8.0.2
Any ideas as to what's wrong??

You guys are great.

For the people who have doubts:

1. I downloaded the file.
2. I am on windows XP pro, running itunes 8.0.2, with 1.1.5 firmware
3. After downloading the file, save it to some location.
4. Open your itunes, 7.7 or 8.0.2 anything works
5. Click ipod, it would say,
update ipod to 2.2 where u need to pay, click remind me later
6. in the itunes there would now be, upgrade and restore, two options.
7. Press SHIFT and click on upgrade..
8. itunes will ask you for file location, give the file location, where ever you saved it.
9. Click OK..
10. Let it do whatever it does.....wait 10-15 mins.
11. Ipod will restart and show up in itunes.
12. itunes will ask you, do u want to restore from you last sync backup or load it as a new ipod.
13. For step 12, you can choose anything, I choose to sync from backup and everything was same as before with firmware 2.0
14. click on upgrade again and now, apple would give you 2.2 for free..
15. Enjoy the new apps.

Hope it helps.

Yea i had the same problem with upgrading firmware and i had the new itunes. So i downgraded to 7.7 and then it worked for me so try that and it might help...Good luck

Also i wanted to add that i upgraded to 2.0 wen before i was trying to jump from 1.5.1 to 2.0.1 so try 2.0 and see how that works out

how can i downgrade my itunes from 8.0.2 to 7.7 or what?
'because there's always an error1403 whenever i tried to update mt itouch..
pls. help!
tnx a lot!=D

Everything worked fine for me. RUnning MAC OS 10.5.5 and iTunes 8.0.x and things went smooth and fast. Download was limited from the site and took about 2 hours, but the upgrade from 1.1.x to 2.0 took less than 10 minutes, and probably even less than 5. From there, simple upgrade from itunes (free) to 2.2 (currently newest) and everything was perfect. Thanks for this!

Dear Matthew,
i want to mail you regarding my query can you please help me by giving your mail id so that i can describe my query in detail.
My mail id is
Thanking you in advance

I was once able to update 1st generation Itouch to 2.0 software. ( using windows xp)

But this time, I can't make it. ( another 1st generation ipod touch ).

I had already try several version of itunes 7.5, 7.6, 7.7.1 and 8.0.2 without luck.

I can update the ipod touch from 1.1.1 to 1.1.5 using the shift-restore method. But I am unable todo it with 2.0 firmware.

For your information, I was using windows Vista.

Does anyone has done this successfully in vista? 1.1.5 > 2.0 ?

u can call me Ali ..

guys i downloaded the file and i opened Itunes , but here i think i went wrong by click update and not restore .. i hold shift and update it says locate the file i clicked it and pressed ok .. after that the error 5 came up .. and now i think i have to restore my ipod touch in the basic way ..

will it help if i restore it now and try again the file ? but not doing the same mistake again ? .. thnx guys .. :)

I Love you guys! Jaja Thanks!

i just bought a ipod touch and cant get it up and running? i plugged it into itunes but nothiing works only the still camera comes up wot do i do?

Well... a lot of you seem to like to post as Anonymous... and leave just about nothing helpful to help you.

"Hi. PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE HELP ME... I have a ipod touch and cant get it to work..."

That is really what some of you are saying... which means nothing. That is why I dont respond to those. I respond to those people who actually take the time to see what is going on, what they are doing, and help me help you. As for giving out my email address... thats a no no for me. You want my help? Right out what you did, and I will help.

Specifically to Atul... I would love to email you, but I don't give out my email address... so right out your "query" here, or get someone else to help you. Sorry if I sound harsh... but a lot of you are expecting help when I have no idea what the problem is.

"I just bought a ipod touch and cant get it up and running? i plugged it into itunes but nothiing works only the still camera comes up wot do i do?" COME ON!!! WHAT THE F*** IS WRONG WITH YOU. How the hell am I supposed to know what is wrong with it. Are you sure its a iPod Touch? You said the camera comes up. What camera? hello? MORON? Speak what you see... what you do. MAYBE THEN we will help you. Sorry... I don't help ignorant people. Thanks.

and yes.. I am the Matthew that helped a lot of people all the way in the beginning.

i downloaded the 2.0 but it wont show up on my itouch, help?

okay..srry it came up!

Someone touched on it earlier but after installing this, is it possible to upgrade to 2.x? Or, rather, is upgrading based on iTunes detecting you have 2.0 on your iPod Touch or knowing your iTunes account has paid for the upgrade?


Well I'm not sure how to get y name back but it is still matthew. Cossax you have a good question. The answer I'd that iTunes detects what the version is on your iPod meaning when you upgrade it to 2.0 you get the 2.1 and 2.2 upgrades for free. Now of course you only have to diwnload it to 2.2 but I was just saying, those upgrades you didn't have to pay for. Mind you that the iPod touch users might have to pay for the next upgrade no one knows but for now don't worry you don't have to pay a single cent. Yes you can upgrade it, iTunes doesn't check your account


P.S. For anyone who thinks I answered his question and didn't answer yours, there's probably a reason for it. I probably can understand a MORE DETAILED QUESTION. Try it sometime

@ matthew, i just want to make such before i start messing with my itouch.
right now i have itouch version 1.1.5(4B1), if i download version 2.0 (from this website here) and update it, i can later update to version 2.2 on the apple website for free, am i rite?

I guess nobody can read?
Lucy you cant download any updates from Apple's website, it;s through apple's software: iTunes.

Thats the first thing that I was gonna say. The second one is yes, the second update is free... everything through this process is free why dont you just try it out?

;put download links for itunes 7.7 and the firmware files....

will the update work for my iTouch 2G?
and if i dont want the update anymore how do i downgrade back to 1.1.4?

Mathew, I just got my Ipod Touch today, and I plugged it into my PC and what came up was 'Camera Connected'and so I looked it over and all it said was all these digital photo apps we have on our PC (such as Adobe Photoshop, HP, Kodak, ect.) I have dowloaded to Itunes 8 and Quick time, but it still doesn't work, I had a 2nd generation Ipod nano earlier which is still kept in the memory of my itunes... would that effect anything? Please help!

It wont work for me. Im on a mac and i did everything you said it just keeps opening the folders up to nothing. It wont even try to install it. And my iTunes it upgraded to 8. something

Actually, the most problem is that some of ipod touch users are downloading the firmware for iphone. So i suggest they check the file, it should start with ipod,1.... It might also be useful to check the real version of the ipod you have. Either 1G or 2G. It's probably affecting the whole process.
I've been trying the whole night, and this post is like the sore grapes of my errors...
It kind of works really well.
Thanx all for your help. I want to proceed with jailbreaking I heard it's possible now, wish me luck...
I'm out of here...

BTW if u're 1G user, your file should be like iPod1,1_2.0.2_5C1_Restore.ipsw.
That's the file I actually used, unfortunately I don't remember the link I got if from cause i've been dl'ing from many links, some being real others freaks.
I guess for those with 2G's they actually don't need the upgrade cause they already got it.
Good luck to all


Hey guys
I have spent countless hours up late at night
trying to get my ipod touch to wokr on 2.0
it is 1.1.5 atm i have downloaded
and i have downloaded the Restore's
and i have noticed that they have different names
i will show u them

1. iPod1_1_2.0_5A347_Restore
2. iPod1,1_2.0_5A347_Restore

which one is right...

and also i cant use either of them on restore because i get an error or
An unknown error occured [1403].
many people have said that but i havn't found
any answers

if anyone could answer my problems i would be most greatful

thanks in advance


Jailbreaking my 3G phone was simple but I tried doing the same for my nephews Ipod touch (2G) and things are hell. I'm running OSX 10.4 with the latest itunes (8.0.2). The firmware is 2.2 (5G77a).

Pwnage Tools 2.2 says that "No firmware bundle found" . I searched ipsw file for the updated file and manually put it but had no luck. The file was "iPod2,1_2.2_5G77a_Restore.ipsw".

Can you help???

P.S I'm unable to use QuickPwn 2.2 with the ipod.



if everything is deleted how do you get safari,music,youtube ect... icons back to your ipod.

this sites r not working

anonymous sounds like u have a lot of problems using computers maybe u should think of downloading an I.T couse and update ur brain

i just bought a ipod touch and cant get it up and running? i plugged it into itunes but nothiing works only the still camera comes up wot do i do?

i clicked shift and then the update. i chose the "iPod2,1_2.2_5G77a_Restore.ipsw" coz that's what i haved downloaded earlier. i have itunes version 8. after it extracted the software there was an error 5. and there was nothing left on my ipod touch. it was all erased after i did that. i don't know what to do to get back my files in my ipod. i had an ipod touch version 1.1.5...

by the way the last anonymous is me.. my name is khristine... can anyone plss help me get back the things in my ipod.. it was all scratched out..huhuhu.:-(

OMG!!!.. it worked!!... thanks a lot to you all guys!!... specially to Matthew!!.. you're so great!!.. i can't believe i upgraded it free!. so thank you so much.. continue helping others!.. dont stop helping others!.. you rock!!..(khristine)


np khristine, i hope you get your stuff back, I didn't have enough time to respond before, but i did get your message.

there might have been software out there to do it, but im not sure you will be able to recover everything now that you upgraded your ipod. hope everything works out


.i've read the things that you've been talking about..sounds cool..i wanna try it but i don't have back up files for my songs and videos..:(..but i want the games...

.just feel like sharing it to you guys.

.carol here by the way..=)

.hey me again..i reread the things a while i ago and i noticed that there were issues about the ipod's generation..will it work for my iTouch (2ng gen)..? i hope it will..

P.S. Matthew are u a computer programmer or something? coz u know a lot about this stuff.

LOL thanks carol, right now I'm on my iPod (first gen) typing this to you.

I am matthew again still can't seem to figure out my password to my username on my iPod. Oh well... It's still matthew though

This process "should" work on you iPod 2 gen, but make sure you download the correct file. I believe the file mentioned here is for the first generation.

What you should do is backup you entire iPod FIRST
Then try updating you iPod with the file mentioned in this post. What just occured to me is that you iPod is different than mine, meaning the foundation software MUST be different. So if you can't get this file to work, don't sweat it.

Now try looking online for a iPod file in google
Type in something like
iPod touch 2 gen restore file
And hopefully you will get it. From there just follow the instructions I posted in the way way beginning. If you are running a windows computer press shift instead of alt.

And last but not least, I am just a very advanced computer guy who is trying to learn how to program. =)

.whew.tnx for that..haha..nice.. we had programming classes and i was very bad at it..anywei i'll try to download the file that you guys have been talking about..i'll try to work it out on my iPod..tnx agen..=)

.carol hir..^.^

.hey carol here.

.i've tried restoring my iPod using the files that you've mentioned here..but it won't work out on my iPod..its keeps getting 'error 1611' or even 'error 1403'..well now my iPod's not working..any hope of getting some help here?

.tnx a lot.

OK...So I don't know how to fix the error but I can provide a working solution.
I was stopped by this error (An unknown error occurred (1403).) when I was trying to update my iPod Touch to firmware 2.1 and 2.2.

So, to update your iPod Touch the correct way, you must download iTunes 7, and the 2.0 firmware .ipsw file from a file-sharing website (just go to google and search for iTunes 7 and the 2.0 firmware file) and make sure you save it somewhere you can easily access, i.e. your desktop. Also, make sure that you un-install any iTunes programs that you currently have on your computer before you install

Now, once you have iTunes 7 and the 2.0 firmware file follow these steps.
1. Plug in your iPod Touch.
2. Open iTunes 7.
3. Once iTunes detects your iPod click on it (on the left hand side).
4. Now, hold the 'shift' key and click on 'update' or 'check for update'.
5. Choose the 2.0 firmware file that you downloaded and wait for it to update your iPod.
6. Now your iPod should have version 2.0 on it (you can go to your iPod settings to make sure).
7. Now, click on 'update' or 'check for update' without holding shift, and iTunes should update your iPod Touch to the latest firmware (in this case: version 2.2).
8. !!!ENJOY!!!

Reply to this thread if you need help.
Thank you for viewing, and I hope I helped!

I posted that comment above to help anyone with the 1403 error.
AIM me for any more help.


Your welcome.

Can some body help me I update my iPod then I restored it when I tried to down the installer (jailbreak) I can't download it anymore sombody help me Mathew uv done a good job about helping people. Ohhh by the way last night my sister restore it again all my pigs is gone and music how do I jailbreak version 1.1.5(4B1) thxxx email me at thxxx ^^ or (^_^)

i think this iPod2,1_2.2_5G77a_Restore doesn't work at all
because once we finish downloaded inside our desktop when click in this file it came out the apple store ..
No choosing option for update file
Not straight open or install immediate
and i think this file not working
waste our time for download this shit file

im love..

i nid ipod touch has 1.1.5 firmware, & i have the latest version of the i tunes software which is 8..i had downloaded the 2.0 firmware.but when i try to restore it, error comes out which says "an unknown error has occurred (1403)"...does it have something to do with the itunes the way, im in windows vista...pls help..thanks..

I have a ipod touch 1.1.5 and i downloaded the the file firmware 2.2.1 and it said to hold shift and download b ut it erased my ipod. i have windows by the way. CAN ANYONE HELP please

same problem with love.. ipodtouch 1.1.5, itunes v8..i followed all the steps but it would always say "an unknown error has occured (1403)" what should i do? pls help..tnx
btw, i'm tin

i just downloaded new itunes(8.0 Version) Got 1.1.5 ipod touch and downloaded 2.2 version from firmware but it erased all my data PLEase help, would really appreciate it

can someone send me the file? the links are not working for me.

kk this is strange it doesn't work for me. i downloaded i pod version 2.0 and have itunes version 8 but it still says error 1403

I'm jasper I I have 1.1.5 (4b1) I tried to download 2.2 I THInk and they told me to pay sebody help me hate this btw I'm using my iPod to do this not to update my iPod I mean I typed this in my iPod!!! ^^

hey, i have an iphone 3g with 2.2 firmware. when i try to downgrade to 2.1 the error 1403 message appears after dl'ing and shift clicking update ... please help ... cheers p.s i have itunes 8.0 ... no others work with 3g iphones

i have the same thing,
I'm trying to download firmware 2.0 but it keeps coming up 'error 1403' does anyone no how to fix this? If so please respond thanks. P.S i have V1.1.5

with i tunes 7.7

i hold the shift key and click restore and choose the downloaded file but there's an error message that says "ipod could not be restored because firmware file is not compatible"..need help so bad! pls..thanks..

hey thank you so much. i downloaded thru mirror 1, and now works perfectly.. for mac users:

then open itunes (i have an itunes 8)
then sync ipod
hold alt/option key then click restore
choose file (look into the folder where you had the file saved)

it will take time tho, but works perfectly.

thank you so much whoever uploaded this!!

so i did this. but now my WIFI is messed up!? please i need help, how can i reverse this. i try to restore back to an older firmware, and even tried in recovery mode, but it says the firmware is unrecognizable.

i need 1 on 1 help.

please email me

What if it says the file is not compatible to your iPod? (i'm using 1.1.5, with a 1st generation iPod Touch (16gb)

DESPERATELY NEED HELP!!! I've been trying to restore my IPod Touch with 2.2.1, but always get error code 14. I tried all the posts and instructions from apple to update itunes to I did and still didn't work. I tried to restore through 3 other computers and used all possible USB ports...still couldn't restore error 14. I downloaded software 2.0, pressed on shift and clicked restore...and error message says that the file is not compatible.


it worked perfect.... thanks guys

hi matthew can you help me?
so i'm new at these, i have a ipod touch that has a software vesion of 1.1.5 (16gb)so tried the steps that you posted but it doesn't work it says its not compatible...and i've tried all the sites that i can probably get the softwares for free but it doesn't work, can you give me the site where you downloaded the software?

Hey there. Thanks or telling me what you have. Now that 3.0 is out, upgrading to 2.0 is pointless.

Right now I am on vacation and on my iPod so I can't exactly give you the link to all downloads but there is a site out there that let's you download every single software out there. You just need to select the one right for you.

Now you may be experiencing your error because you are trying to install iPhone software on a iPod. Or vs versa. Also you may be trying to install 2.0 for the 2nd generation iPod touch software on a 1st generation iPod touch.

Just send another note later tonight with what your computer is abd also what device you are using (iPhone 3gs, iPod touch 8gb 1st gen, etc etc)