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iPhone 2.0 and iPod Touch 2.0 Software Update Details

Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tomorrow on July 11, 2008, Apple will release the iPhone 2.0 Software update for iPhone users. This upgrade will also be available to the iPod Touch users, but they will have to pay a fee to access it. Below are some features of the new iPhone 2.0 software. The main feature is the applications store.

1. New Applications
There are a lot of new iPhone applications that can be purchased or even downloaded for free from the App Store. Free application include AOL's instant messaging program, Tap Tap Revenge, TypePad, eBay, and a lot more.

2. Enterprise Applications
The iPhone 2.0 software has support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, and Cisco IPSec VPN and WPA2 Enterprise support. So it's great for businesses and it also allows you to deliver push email, calendar, and contacts.

3. Support for MobileMe
The new iPhone 2.0 software has support for MobileMe which allows you to push your information to any device. Changes from one device are distributed to your other devices. For example, if you update calender on your computer it also gets updated on your iPhone and your laptop.

4. iWork and Microsoft PowerPoint support
The iPhone now supports viewing Microsoft PowerPoint and iWork files in your e-mails.

5. Scientific Calculator
Instead of having a standard 4-function calculator, the iPhone 2.0 has a scientific calculator for solving complex math problems.

6. More Language Support

7. Contacts Search
Basically you can search through your contacts in your address book.

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