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Download PWNAGE 2.0

Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Sunday, July 20, 2008

Today the Dev-Team released PWNAGE 2.0 for the iPhone or iPod Touch. This will allow you to jailbreak your iPod Touch 2.0, iPhone, iPhone 3G, and modify the firmware.

If you get Error 1600 on iTunes or see the below message:
prepare x12220000_4_Recovery.ipsw), try: mkdir ~/Library/iTunes/”Device Support”

Remove any files if that directory exits and re-run the Pwnage software.

Now for the download link, look below!

Download PWNAGE 2.0 (Thank you BigBoss!)

PWNAGE 2.0 Download (Thank you FeedBeef!)

Comments (3)

Does it work for Vista??

Does it even work on Mac (ppc)?

The log says it recognizes my 2.0 fw update. Claims it unzips in /tmp/ipsw, and is building, but it just grinds for hours and doens't produce anything.

If I unzip my fw manually into /tmp/ipsw then that's deleted immediately and

@kian lun: Unfortunately this iPod Touch 2.0 jailbreak only works for Mac, but the Dev Team is already developing a method for Windows. I'll post it up here once it's released. Subscribe to the RSS feeds of this blog to stay up to date! :)

@kaleb: It should work on a MAC. Unfortunately I only have Windows so I can't test it.