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WinPWN is out!

Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Friday, July 25, 2008

WinPwn has finally released WinPWN! For those who don't know what this is, WinPWn is a GUI based software that allows you to easily jailbreak your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPhone 3G. This new version fixes the bugs in the previous version and doesn't give you any ipsw.exe errors and is compatible with Windows Vista too.

You can download it at the below link:
Win PWN download

Comments (8)

Is this update compatible with the Legit 2.0 update from Apple. Im trying to get customized themes for my itouch 2.0

Something is wrong with my winpwn. I did what the instructions said, but for some reason whenever I press Pwn, the window just dissapears. Can someone help me?

Ok, nvm. I realized what i had to do. However, when I said Restore, and picked the software, it said "Unknown Error Occured 1703" Can someone help me? I am using the latest version of Itunes

@jason: WinPWN makes a custom firmware that just adds extra applications like Installer/Cydia and allows you to modify the boot load images. Everything still works as it would with the regular 2.0 firmware, except that you can now run extra apps from the open source community.

@alex: Are you using Windows Vista? If you are, then make sure you right-click, properties, and in the program compatibility tab select Windows XP and check the box that says "Run as Administrator".

No, I don't have Vista. (thanks for the tip though) Oh by the way, a new version of this tool is available. You probably know this, but just in case

Listen, I want to try something. I will post my software that winpwn created for me, and I would like someone to try to use it to jailbreak the iPod. If you succeed, then could you please tell me what you did (whenever I try to jailbreak it, it says "Unknown Error Occured 1403). If you don't succeed, then could someone please post their software so I can try to jailbreak it with that software. BTW, do I need to put the touch into DFU or restore? (I tried both)

Jake, could you please give me your email, or explain to me how to post a file in comments?

Thanks Jake. Will give WinPWN a go.