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Apple App Store makes over $30 million!

Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Monday, August 11, 2008

Today it has been one month since the iPod Touch and iPhone App Store has launched. Steve Jobs had an interview with the WSJ this morning, and he announced the amount of money the App Store apps have made. It's interesting how sales in the App Store were as high as $30 million! I wonder how cracked apps that people have been sharing freely on the Internet will affect the sales in the coming months. If you think about it, Apple actually made about $9 million, and the developers made $21 million because Apple keeps 30% of what the developers make.

Besides announcing the revenue Apple made from the App Store, Steve Jobs also announced the amount of downloads. There were more than 60 million downloads from the App Store!

Steve Jobs also confirmed in the interview that Apple put a killswitch in the iPhone and iPod Touch 2.0 firmware that allows Apple to disable an application that is found to be malicious.

Do you know about the "I Am Rich" app that was going for $999.99? Steve Jobs said that he removed it because he and Apple felt that it wasn't right to put it up. Well, I don't believe Apple should have done that because developers have the right to put up any type of app they want to sell. Just because 8 people accidentally purchase it, it doesn't mean Apple should remove it!

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I'm Rich for Iphone ^_^

There`s always one bad Apple

i don't have a lot of money to buy a fuckin 300 dollar phone!!!