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Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yesterday Apple released firmware 2.0.2 software for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. While you have to pay the $9.95 fee to get this update for the iPod Touch, I've decided to post the download link to it so you can download it for free. People have reported that this new iPod Touch 2.02 firmware has faster backup/restore speeds. Unfortunately you can't jailbreak iPod Touch 2.0.2 yet, but the Dev Team is working on releasing one. Subscribe to the RSS feeds by clicking the link below, to find out when the jailbreak comes out and get a comprehensive guide on it.

Check the below link to download the update iPod Touch 2.0.2 firmware for free. This update just includes bug fixes.

Download iPod Touch 2.0.2 (246 MB)

Edit: Link UPDATED! New link is working. Just click the download link above.

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Thx for the link man!

Thanks for the link !
Could you just tell me if you need the 2.0.1 or if you can immediatly install it (I have 1.1.4

thanks for the link but I don't know how upgrade it on my iPod touch...
somebody can help me?!?!

All you need to do is launch iTunes, press the shift button on your keyboard and click the "Restore" button, then select this firmware file that you downloaded and let iTunes update your iPod Touch. :)

thx man u help us a lot

Do you HAVE to restore your touch completely? Cause if you do then I'm not even going to install this and start all over..get outta here. Anyone knows? I currently have 2.0

Do you HAVE to restore your touch completely? Cause if you do then I'm not even going to install this and start all over..get outta here. Anyone knows? I currently have 2.0

I just realized that if you paid for 2.0 the first time, it doesnt prompt you to pay again. 2.02 if FREE. Im downloading now, not sure if I have to restore or not, I kinda doubt it because its not a Software Update.

I already have 2.0.1 but I didn't pay for it, I did the shift+restore thing, so Itunes asked me if I wanted to download 2.0.2, I said yes, right now is downloading it, but I wanna know if it will work? or do I have to download it from here?

2.02 installed without me having to restore my iPod in case anyone was still wondering.

I downloaded it from itunes for free, and installed it without restoring, as I said before I had obtained 2.0.1 doing the shift+restore thing.

I have brand new ipod touch 1.1.3, can i restore to 2.0.2 directly?

if you have version 1.1.5 can you still download it or do you need 2.0

Where does the file go after downloading???

does this work ?
has anyone tried this?

Its definitely free btw

Its definitely free btw

Worked perfectly for me. 1.1.5 to 2.0.2!

can someone tell me how does it work?
I keep shift pushed and then clicked on restore but it restores again the old version... can someone explain with screenshots?

I cant get it to work from 1.1.5 to 2.0.2.
I am a firewalled computer so it cant get it to restore back to 1.1.5 righ now

where can I get the previous unhacked firmware?

i have a mac not windows and my ipod has the 1.1.5 ver. can someone help how to do it on MAC...
your help will be greatly appreciated.


Download the file on your mac.
After you have downloaded, launch itunes.
When you've connected you ipod touch you'll see in Itunes the mainsummary.
push ALT and press on the restore button then you have to select the file that you've downloaded.
You ipod touch will restore now into 2.02!

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quickpwn jailbreaks 2.0.2

On the MAC if I restore to 2.02 will I lose everything on it.

On the MAC if I restore to 2.02 will I lose everything on it.

have any one done it from 1.1.5 to 2.0 I couldn't make it work. there was un error it says 1604...
I tried to fix this by going to C driver then to Decoment and setting => users=> myname=>apple data,,,,,, but unfortunately I didnt have apple data on my list... can any one help with this

do i have to press shift and then the restore botton so it works? and then what do i do? im goin crazy with this thing HELP PLEASE

yeah, press shift and restore botton, then you will need to find your file and select it, and press okay, or open i think. but I have an error of 1604

you can jailbreak your iTouch or iphone with this qwickpwn it works for the firmware 2.0.2 including iPhone 3G

use it at you own risk

this is the App.


use it at your own risk

how do i select the file. i cant copy and when i click open nothing happens

Is restore something that will appear on the screen?

i just upgraded from 1.1.5 to 2.0.2 but had to put 2.0.0 on between to take the 2.0.2 upgrade

Is 2.0.2 English version? Do you have Traditional Chinese version for Taiwan?

I have the 1.1.4 Firmware , Can I Directly Upgrade To 2.0.2 ??? , and please someone answer, is this safe ??? , i mean does it Work Perfectly ????

lol muahahaha shame on all of you, trying to jailbreak stuff

Worked for me in Windows XP. Went from 1.1.5 to 2.0.2. Just download update to your desktop, open iTunes, hold down the shift key and click Restore, then find and select the 2.0.2 update and click OK. iTunes will do the rest (be patient the update takes awhile). A couple things to note: you must have the current version of iTunes 7.7.1 for your ipod to work with v2.0 software and for those of you concerned about losing the files on your ipod, you will have the option at the end of the update to re-sync all your previous files and restore the data.

How do i jailbreak my ipod touch???

ok i cant choose the file on my mac when i restore + alt and go to it

just downloaded the 2.0 update firmware from a link now would like the 2.02 firmware can i use the update link on itunes or do i need the firmware link at top of page thanks.

when i try to install this it says unknown error occured
what hase gone wrong

where can i download ipod touch 2.0.1


i got a error whilst i was recovering my ipod with the 2.0.2 for some reason it just wont work. im running a 1.1.5 and i have the latest itunes can somebody help me?

I did the restore thing but it didnt let me pick the new update of my desktop where i saved it. It just went back to its normal way. Someone help please!!!!

help this error comes up when i type the file name in to the task bar where you say the file name i cant find the file on my computer so i typed it in but 1604 error comes up help

now its error 1403 same guy from up top

NEVERMIND it worked:)

hey bro your link doesn't work

it says this site is diclining me

the link it's not working....

the link brings me 2 a forrbidenn page thing

this link has been cancelled, just do a google search, the one i used was a link through limewire, it downloaded through there, and it worked, so look for that

then after that, itunes should update it...just a P.S...AIM is having problems on 2.0.2, so i recomend staying on 2.0 or 2.0.1 for now

Good Luck

thanks for the information right having no problems with the 2.0 from a link few pages posts past waiting for winpawn 2.5 now


can anyone please help me ..when i click on the link it keeps saying 'an error occured while processing your request'. can anyone please help me.

It doesn't work. Thanks for nothing and wasting my tie, bro.


thank need to fix the link or delete all of this information for everyone

Doesn't work, man.

Post the right link, please!

Thanks ;)


PLEASE POST THE RIGHT LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it wont let me odwnload it


my itouch is running a 2.0.2 4rm this place but it is slower than usual.all the stuff that use the internet dosent work. help me. + im using a labtop

whats the password for the link when you downloaded it from limewire?

dead link

This works for me. Update from 1.1.5 to 2.0 then Shift + restore on iTunes and got the 2.0.2 upgrade.

Thanks for the update!!!!



how do i update mu ipod touch for free

every time i press downloaad it just brings me to the top of the page and nothing happens....can someone help me plz?

Safari can’t open the page “,1_2.0.2_5C1_Restore.ipsw?downloadKey=1219700703_fd3ec0bfd7cd8b5a32470f497483238a” because it can’t find the server “”.
dude its not working

fix the link

fix the link

the link is dead man><

plx fix it^^

The link above has been updated with the working download link for the iPod Touch 2.0.2 software! Try it again, it should work. :)

How is the process of updating? I've downloaded the firmware into my desktop.. now what? Thanx in advance! =) btw.. i'm using a 1.1.5 iTOuch! =)


@Anonymous: To update you need to launch iTunes, press shift on your keyboard and click the "Restore" button. Then select the iPod Touch 2.0.2 firmware.

If you want to jailbreak iPod Touch 2.0.2 then you will have to download QuickPWN from and use that software to jailbreak and upgrade to iPod Touch 2.0.2. This works for the iPhone and iPhone 3G as well.

i had an unknown error (6) then it restarted and restored... =(

same guy who posted the last two messages.. I tried updating but it failed "unknown error (6), now its downloading 1.1.5 again becox it resotred.. plz help

I did as you mentioned, downloaded firmware, saved it to desktop, (shift+update) then.. i thought it was going all well.. but then showed the unknown error (6).. then it told me i needed to restore.. just bought this yesterday so no files yet.. really want to update.. =(

dangit.. it's (shift+restore) thats why.. some guy from youtube said (shift+update).. so will it work after i restored to 1.1.5 would i still be able to install this firmware?

Thanks a lot !!!

@JR: Yes, you need to shift click restore. And yes it would work after you restored to 1.1.5.

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Thx a bunch for fixing the link

So do you update this first or use QuickPWN first to jailbreak? I dont get it.

Update to this firmware first and then use QuickPWN.

Will my songs still be there after I do this or will it be totally cleard


i just downloaded it and i cant find the file.
What Do i do, What is the file name and where can i find it??

plz help.

i just downloaded it and i cant find the file.
What Do i do, What is the file name and where can i find it??

plz help.

@Anonymous 1: No your songs and data will be gone. You can do a backup and sync them again once you're upgraded to 2.0.2.

@Anonymous 2: The file name is iPod1,1_2.0.2_5C1_Restore.ipsw

I downloaded the link above and when I go to do the alt+restore (I have a mac) it says the download is a folder and so i can't select the whole folder.
What do I do?

link is not working

the link is nt working

the link isnt working again, fix it plz

Link has been updated! :)

link isn't working again.. :(

its not WORKING GUYS whats wrong with this????????????????????????????,PUT A RIGHT LINK please

what do I do if the thing says error 1403 when i select the ipsw file for restore?

could someone PLEASE help me

basically this file is to jailbreak the iPod touch with pwnagetool or quickpwn.

what you do is download the 2.01 and shift and restore that. if you check for an update after it will say there is an update and you update then you will now have the genuine 2.02 and not pay for the 2.01.

this should help for those who don't know what to do.

the link isn't working HTTP 403 forbidin ie 7

The link isn't working please HELP!!!

NO WORKING plzzzz!!!!!!

NO WORKING plzzzz!!!!!!

AHHH fuck me i get error 5 help plz

Its not working, can you please fix because i'm getting bored with my 1.4.1 so please fix it as fast as possible. Thank you.

It's not working, Can you fix the link please...
Thank you.

Not Working, you said you fixed the link but it's not fixed...

please fix the link , i badly need the firmware update , the link is Dead ....its not working At all , pleeeaaaaaaase FIX IT !!!

Thank You ....

quit whining at this guy, find the torrent for the love of the baby jesus

the link is not working as of 10/7/09

the link is not working please correct it



link wants password and username........!!!!!!??????

am tryin to download but it is not going it gives me this error message:
An error occurred while processing your request.

Reference #50.2607293e.1224510124.e012a6
what does it mean?

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Link dosnt work....

link doesn't work, UPDATE PLEASE I NEED THIS one TO UPDATE TO 2.2 !!

NO has answered this question
I keep getting error message 5

the link isn't working HTTP 403 forbidin ie 7 STILL STILL STILL STILL

can i put a Firmware 2.0 to my ipod touch while i have itunes 8 or will i have problems?

it doesent work the link is dead

OK I have been trying to update to 2.0 from 1.1.5 I have found dat you have to downgrade your itunes if you have 8 or higher. Your best version of itunes is 7.7.1 google it. Uninstall your latest version of itunes. Then install 7.7.1 Now try to update your firmware from 1.1.5 to 2.0 it should work and now you can update your itunes back to 8 or wateva new version they have. good luck

go look up the file name "ipod 2.0.2" on torrent sites (e.g. the torrent file is there, then u can use ur torrent client (e.g. azureus) + torrent file (that u downloaded) to get the above file. BOOM! and don't forget to uninstall itunes 8.0 and install 7.7.1 before attempting the shift key + restore maneuver with that file

I have a 16 GB I-pod Touch and last night my freind was fooling with it last night and the whole screen turned compleatly blank, white. What do I do?!?!?! Please help!

For all MAC-Users:

You have to press the ALT-key while you click on the restore-button.
The Shift-key is only for Windows.

can i update my ipod touch 1.1.5 on itunes 8 to 2.0.2

Well im trying this out on my 1.1.5 1st gen ipod 8gb touch and it gets to where im restoring it and it gets to preparing ipod software for update, does that for a couple min. and the gives me an error message. Any Help?

the link is not working to download.
Can you please help me?

the link is broken,
can we get a fix?

Anyone know ho to get lost files back? I updated to 2.0.2 from 1.1.5 and I lost EVERYTHING. Help you be appreciated.

http 404
Doesn't work.....


pls how can i get itunes 7.7.1 working on my system after uninstalling the latest version on thesame system. so that i can update my ipodtouch to 2.0.2 version?
pla anyone knows how to get it work?

I updatedy iPod touch 8gb 1stgen to 2.0.2 last night but it failed and I got the error message (5) wick I found I got it because I pressed shift and update rather than restore as I found this out today I restored it and trywd agen this time the 2.0 update then I got error message (-50) wick caused it to stay on the restore state I restored it and no lukI restored agen and it didn't restore jus another error I thought it was broke so restored agen and it worked .f/m 1.1.5 was wondering if I should try agen this time shift and restore not update ???

update ipodtouch from 1.1.5 to 2.0.1 by itunes 7.7.1 but occured error 5
Pls help me :(:(:(:(

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i downloaded the 2.2 update for my 1.1.5 touch
but it says it is not a compatible firmware file?? wat can i do?

my ipod touch will not install help me!!!!