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Download iPod Touch 2.0.1

Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Monday, August 04, 2008

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iPod Touch 2.0.1 and iPhone firmware 2.0.1 were recently released today. You can download them by launching iTunes and clicking the Update button. However, I advise staying away from updating to 2.0.1 for right now because WinPwn 2.5 does NOT support jailbreaking iPod Touch firmware 2.0.1 or iPhone firmware 2.0.1. This update includes bug fixes, according to the description. Some things I noticed during the installation: Safari pages load faster, iTunes backup is faster, entering in the passcode is quicker.

It's worth it upgrading, but for those who like to jailbreak, you'll have to wait until WinPWN 2.5 is out.

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I accidentally upgraded to 2.0.1 and i dont have cydia anymore. I don't know where to download firmware 2.0.1, so when winpwn 2.5 comes out I can make it custom. Google wasn't much help, only a bunch of websites telling you about the upgrade. could someone give me a link?

you can get it from!/iPod1,1_2.0.1_5B108_Restore.ipsw?downloadKey=1218549232_4a088ba9ac02419f41847e38c8d48640

also, winpwn will work with 2.0.1

hope this helps!

Whenever i Try the link it says:

An error occurred while processing your request.

Reference #50.c45b1cd.1218597683.9dd64f

do you have 2.0 firmware for free?

2.0 firmware for iPod Touch? I Don't know a link, but there are illegal ways to get it.

for the iphones go to

and get the 2G or 3G restore files and go to the ipod screen in iTunes and hit Shift while clicking "Restore". Browse for the ipsw files you downloaded and let it restore.

Anonymous, follow my link at this post to download firmware 2.0 for free:

If i click update this thing comes up and says i have to pay for it, did everyone here pay for it? or go it for fre,,?