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Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, August 20, 2008

QuickPWN version 1.0 for the iPod Touch and iPhone has been released. It's an instant GUI program that allows you to jailbreak your 2.0.1 firmware. It's definitely better than WinPWN 2.5 (which hasn't even been released yet) because it doesn't bring up any errors and it was released quicker. QuickPWN doesn't work with 2.0.2 yet, so you may want to wait if you want to jailbreak your 2.0.2 firmware.

To download QuickPWN, use the below link:
Download QuickPWN

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hi there, just got myself an ipod touch, and then I stumbled upon your site. Heaps of info, but one left me wanders though.

My iPod Touch still has firmware 1.x. The store told me if I want to upgrade to 2.0, I have to pay extra. I knew about Apple selling it for $10.

Question is, what's the difference between Apple's 2.0 firmware and a Jail-breaked firmware? Do I still need to Jailbreak my iPod touch to run 3rd party software now that they've released ver 2.0?


After installing 2.0 to your iPod Touch, you can install applications from Apps Store..and if you jailbreak your 2.0 or so, you can have both sources from Apps Store and Installer/Cydia.

use this qwickpwn it works with iTouch 2.0.2

use it at your own risk