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Create iPhone Ringtone

Posted by iPod Touch | Posted in | Posted on Friday, August 08, 2008

Purchasing your own ringtone for the iPhone is not a good idea when you can make your own ringtone by yourself! Follow the below tutorial to learn how you can make your own ringtone.

"First, open iTunes and select the song you want to make into a ringtone. Right-click (control click on Mac laptops) and select "Get Info." Mac users, you can select the song and just do command-I.

Get the options tab in the window that opens as shown. Put in a start and stop time. The whole time must not exceed thirty seconds. For example, you could specify the start time to be 0:00 and the stop time to be 0:30 (or anything less). You could also have it start at 0:20 and end at 0:50. You get the idea. Click OK to save changes.

Right click on the song and select "Convert selection to AAC." Even if it's already in AAC format, you must do this. The song will be converted and duplicated, but will now be as short as the time specified before. Note: if your selection doesn't convert to AAC, you must go to iTunes--Preferences--Advanced--Importing and select "AAC Encoder" in the box next to "Import Using:".

Select the clipped song and export it from your library. On Mac, you can just drag it onto the desktop, but I don't know if Windows people can do this or not. You may have to export it via the File menu (File--Export).

Change the extension of the exported song to ".m4r" -- it should have been ".m4a" before. In both cases, the quotes are not actually in the extension--a song may be called Mozart.m4r. On Mac, your system will warn you about changing a file extension, but don't worry--nothing bad will happen.

Go to File--Import (or just do command-shift-O on Mac, and yes, that's the letter "O") and import the song. It should automatically go into the ringtones section of iTunes since this is the extension ringtones use.

Next time you sync your iPhone, your new ringtone should sync right over. To use it, go to the home screen, then Settings--Sounds--Ringtone and it should be right at the top under the word "Custom."

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I just saw your comment on my blog... I'm fine with you publishing this :) You don't have to take down or anything. I'm glad you liked it enough to publish it.

Thanks, it works and rocks !


I ran into a problem with the name of the song being too long, so it don't load properly into the iPhone, or at least didn't appear under the "custom" box. Shortenting the song name fixed this.

Well done guys, this works a treat!

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